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Download Walk The Talk - Aileen Quinn and the The Leapin Lizards - Spin Me (CD, Album)
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When I began to 'teach' them You remember those ridiculous two-piece VCRs that weighed like pounds and had a wired remote with a 3 inch cord. You can remember when Michael Jackson was a Black guy that may have been shy and a little eccentric, but basically acted and looked normal, instead of being the carnival like freak show he has been since the late '80s.

You knew who ALF and Mr. T were years before they became pitch men for various commercials in the '00s. When Drew Barrymore stopped looking cute as in a child and started looking good The legal young adult men and women entering college this year, as well as your local Army reserve, were born in the year The freshmen class entering high school this year, will consist of kids born in Forget the '80s, these people probably won't even remember a whole lot before I'm 25 and I feel old even around people my own age sometimes because I still listen mostly to cassette tapes.

A year-old guy saw them once and said, "You still listen to 8-tracks?! When you still remember that to get 30 men on Contra, the code was up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start and to get 99 men in Super Mario Brothers you had to jump on the turtle shells at the end of world 6.

You can remember when Eddie Murphy was one of the biggest A-list stars in Hollywood, and did films other then children's comedies like Dr. When my kids are watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and its the episode where he goes to a movie studio to watch some of the filming of "The Incredible Hulk". My kids don't even know who "The Incredible Hulk" was. Also, when we go to a toy store and I tell my kids, "They have so much more cooler toys now then they did when I was a kid.

Hanging out at the main "Back to the Future" website always makes me feel old. Most everyone there are a bunch of teenage kids born after and they have no memories of when the first film came out inor even the second and third one in '89 and '90!! I have to explain ALL the little in jokes and pop culture quirks about the s in that Walk The Talk - Aileen Quinn and the The Leapin Lizards - Spin Me (CD of films to them, makes me feel like a total geezer and I'm only I must say that I laughed a great deal when I read all the comments posted here, as I can relate to all of them.

A few things make me feel older as I am 33 and I was a teen in the 80's. I would have to say not getting carded when you purchase booze or a biggie Another one is when I hear about the local night spots clubs doing a retro 80's night and the best 80's hairstyle and clothes wins a prize!!

Wow I can recall hearing about 'retro' nights for bars when I was younger, But it was the 50's 60's and swingin 70'sahhh how times have changed LOL!

You can tell if something is from the early '80s, mid '80s, or late '80s. You also remember the distinct pop cultural fashion, music, movies as well as political differences between the late '80s and early '90s. I've noticed that most kids born in the '80s, see no difference between the late '80s and early '90s It's all the '80s to them. My very young sisters wanted me to read to them, so i did I grew up thinking the '50s, and '60s, and even the '70s, were soooooo freaking barbaric and backwards.

Not just in terms of the low grade tech of those decades, but also looking at the barbaric social problems of each decade. So it's hard to believe that the children and teenage kids of today most probably look at the '80s the same way we always thought of those other decades. I always thought of both the '80s and '90s as being modern times! The '80s getting the retro treatment makes me feel so OLD!!!

My 15 year old cousin, who was born in and stands a towering 6'3, asked me to teach him to drive recently. I felt ancient and a sudden feeling of terror overtook me when I realized people in his age group are driving. I remember holding him in my arms when he was just a baby. It was a surreal expereince knowing that this grown looking man who was born in '87, is now beginning to drive cars.

CNN did a news report on the history of hip hop a while back. They talked about how hip hop was fresh and new enough that the children of today can still think of it as "theirs", and old enough for "adults" to appreciate and enjoy. When it got to what about hip hop the adults can enjoy, it didn't zero in on stuff from the '70s as I was expecting, but instead it flashed on graffiti that said "Public Enemy" with "" written next to it. Something about that little clip really disturbed me and made me feel just terrible.

I guess it's just hard to believe that pop culture from '89, even the hard core gangsta rap, is music that is so alien to the kids of today and that it's only for the "adults". Watching that made me realize how disassociated even the very late '80s are from the current youth culture. And it is if it's only something that the "adults", the "grown ups", or worse Once when I was on another message board, this kid born in the mid '80s posted a thread asking who Boy George was.

Everyone got a good laugh out of it and told him it's best he never find out. Still, you could just feel everyone on that bulletin board who was born before collectively feel old at the freakin' same time. Turtlenecks and flares that were considered nerdy in the 80's are now all the rage, while tops with shoulder pads you could land a chopper on and acid wash jeans are filling the racks in opp' shops.

I'm 30 and my parents would have said I'm no longer to be trusted--heh! When I told her I watched that show when I was a kid, and that the girl who plays Vanessa is about my age, my daughter looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I told her to go ahead and put the "video" in. Finally, as if The Gap commercials weren't enough to make me sit up and notice my mortality, it seems, lately, all the ad execs who must be my age, and should certainly know better than to demean our generation's culture just for a few bucks are using 80's music in their spots.

The worst part? I recognize the songs and the target market doesn't. Ouch, that smarts. I'm a 24 year old undergrad, and the kids I go to college with are so damn young.

Now I wasn't even that old back in the '80s, I was born in so I was only 11 when the decade ended, but I experienced it enough for something like this to make me feel like a really old man. Most of these 18 and 19 year old college kids have little or no memory of the '80s, and I know if I go to the party, I'm bound to be one of the few people there that actually remembers when the s were popular the first time around.

Ever talk to these teenage kids that don't know what an Atari was? It's like talking to people that don't know what that thing we call oxygen is. I can understand these teenagers not knowing what the Pong video game from the '70s was, but it's just plain wrong to not know what an Atari is.

Paula Abdul is a 40 year old woman, Madonna is 44, and Cyndi Lauper is Amazingly, all three of them have defied the laws of ageing and are still hot. Middle aged hotties, but still hotties nonetheless. Listening to Pop Goes The World by Men Without Hats and realizing it's a different world, and you are completely alone in wishing things were back the way they once were.

The best thing about being 36 is I can legally date women half my age. Bon Jovi officially became a geriatric rock band this year when the youngest and most famous member Jon turned Hearing and seeing '80s songs used as jingles for commercials makes me feel OLD!!! I know a lot of people think that it's great to have '80s songs back and used like that, but to me and many of my friends, it's just another depressing sign that the '80s have become an old timers decade.

For instance when I was growing up if I heard some Beatles song used in a Toyota commercial, I didn't immediately start thinking how cool this group from the '60s or '70s were. Likewise these days I can't ever watch Bananarama's "Venus" video without thinking of Gillette shaving gel for women. When I was surfing the Internet looking for 80 nostalgia stuff, I found a site that told how you could tell if you're stuck in the 80's.

One of the signs was looking for Snorks whenever you go to the beach. I read this aloud to my fiance, whose 7 yr old son piped up, "What are Snorks?

Are they like seashells?? Isaiah Thomas is the Indiana Pacers head coach, and the only thing people here will talk about is how he won the title for Indiana University. Trying to justify to my 10 year old son why he must wear elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads and a helmet to ride his skateboard. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as protection! Just, here you go kid, have fun. Same with seatbelts -- no one ever used them back in the day. Yes they are really called classics now.

And brace yourselves So '90s kids beware, you're not safe from the "classic monster" either. Novelty stores like Spencer's Gifts, Claire's, Tic Tac Toe a Spencer-esque store in Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold, New Jersey and such have nostalgic items in the form of pens, keychains, small stuffed animals, notebooks, folders, charm necklaces, and such.

Can you believe it?! I'm glad that companies are catering to our generation with nostalgia items, because it certainly is working. Nevertheless, I feel old looking at the items, because little folks the kiddies have no clue who any of these characters are except for the Muppets. Then getting that look that only children can give before the comment, "E. What makes me feel old is knowing that any history text book in all the elementary, high schools, and colleges in the world now feature a section in the back about the '80s and '90s.

The two decades I grew up in are being "studied" as "history". Well at least most of these kids know about the s. In only a few years from now there will be kids around that will view both the '80s and '90s as ancient history. Now that's something to ponder, this whole thing only gets worse! I'm sitting at my computer complaining because it takes so long for a program to load about 10 secondsand then I remembered when it used to take MINUTES to load a program from a tape drive on the Atari !

Remember the old 'load the tape and push play'? Now I'm lucky if I see that stuff on VH1! I'm a video game collector, and my collection consists of largely Atari and games. We all know that Atari was GOD back in the early 80s before the market crash in ''84 Recently, a few of my young cousins came over, and when confronted with my huge collection referred to Atari as "that 80's company that did Pac-Man or something, right?

A co-worker comes up to me and says,"Oh, Britney Spears! You have very clear and vivid memories of Reagan's first term in office. The Snuggle Bear had a cocky attitude now. Remember how he was cute and fell into a pile of clothes and had this sweet little voice. Now he talks like he's the all-mighty bear, and says he's still snuggly soft. Yuck, not with that attitude he's not. I was listening to the radio the other day. As I was changing the stations the song "Flashdance What A Feeling " by Irene Cara was playing on an oldies station that normally plays songs from the 60's and 70's.

Now they are playing 80's. They just reissued a few of the Generation 1 line of Transformer toys from the '80s. Hearing that makes me feel terrible. Obviously these toys are marketed at adults that grew up with them, but there will be plenty of kids that weren't even alive in the '80s that will play with them. I can only imagine how ancient they must think they are. I was born in the mid '70s, so anyone born beyond the very early '80s makes me feel like an old geezer.

I don't feel old, I'm only in my mid's, and there's lots of 80's nostalgia on TV these days. Of course it reminds me of when I was a kid but it also reminds me of just how lucky I was to have grown up in such a great decade.

From on through to was a great time to be a kid and I know that from now on I'll always remember the decades that I grew up in. It was a great time to be young and it still is a great time to be young. I graduated high school inso I went to high school in the years of ' During that time the late '80s were always going Out of Style and the '90s were coming in. Now in hearing about the '80s coming Back in Style definately leaves me with mixed and surreal feelings.

What I used to think of as old school back in high school has become "retro". My mom and I were talking about "The Goonies" today after spotting a T-shirt at the mall. I have ben a "Goonies" fan since, and bought the video of it last year in a clamshell case! I even know someone who never heard of it!!!! You see nicknames on the internet with the year of your high school graduation, like "Jennifer". Unfortunately you find out that the people with these years in their names didn't graduate high school or college with you back then, instead they were being BORN in that year.

When that happens, talk about just feeling mercilessly old and embarrassed!! Going into convenience stores and seeing the little sign next to the register that reads "you must have been born before such-and-such date to purchase alcohol" I can't believe that the kids born inand '87 are these big teenagers driving cars and stuff.

I was watching a high school football scrimage game recently, and all I could think of was how these huge looking guys were too young to remember, or maybe weren't even around for say the Challenger explosion, the break dancing phenomenon, and most of the kid crazes of the '80s like Transformers, He-Man, Knight Rider, and Garbage Pail Kids.

It's also bizzare when you realize that these people were only in elementary school just years ago. Looking at these teenagers makes me feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. You can remember when Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album came out. Beast Wars was a sequel to the original '80s Transformers cartoon and was popular in the mid-late '90s. Here was the description that was written in by some bratty kid,--"Forget the old s Transformers. We are too young to remember those.

Star getting Beast Wars they are so much better. What that punk wrote was pure sacrilege against Transfomers and the '80s. He wouldn't even have his little Beast Wars if it wasn't for the Generation 1 cartoon.

But reading that also made me deal with the unpleasant fact that not everything I grew up with will be loved by the next generation. It also forced me to come to terms with the nasty fact that our generation doesn't "own" the Transformer franchise or any of these '80s characters, as they are constantly updated and reinvented.

Even He-Man got a new cartoon for the s. But in the end WE know that most of them had their origins in the '80s. You read these entertainment magazines and discover that a lot of today's hottest stars were born in the 80s. Going to a nightclub after a night of bar-hopping, and being told "You won't like the music in there man - you're too old". I am I just turned 24 and the teenagers around where I live think I'm the ultimate old school guy.

I think they even nicknamed me "old school". I don't know why though, I don't listen to or watch anything old school around them.

But I'm 24 years old, so that makes me old school to them. Found my old 8-bit Nintendo in the attic the other day. Still works, the graphics aren't as good as what's around now, but it's still fun and just as cool as ever.

Two things actually come to mind that make me feel old. I am 32 and my fiancee' is I was actually doing ok reading these until my fiancee' commented, "Wow, you know what's weird is that you remember not having things like MTV or cable television and when I was born, they were just coming out".

I reached for the Geritol at that point. I've never experienced such a thing before, it's just so odd. I wasn't around in the '50s and '60s so seeing them being treated as retro decades didn't bother me. Those decades were always old as hell retro decades as far as I was concerned. I was born in the late '70s, but I have zero memory of it, so the '70s retro in the '90s never bothered me that much. But the '80s, yes yes this makes me feel old.

I remember all the stuff that's supposedly coming back in style and being played as "retro" at the night clubs. Fonzie is 57, Richie Cunningham is 48, and Potsie and Ralph are both Miami Vice and Transformers both fromain't that far behind either since they're 18 years old. And I remember watching ALL of them when they were brand new in the '80s.

I grew up thinking Nick at Nite was funky late night retro channel that was made so that all the older people could sit back and watch the shows they grew up with in the '50s, '60s and '70s. And now Nick at Nite plays '80s shows!? I felt a sincere loss when Gordon on Sesame Street died. I'm only 18, but my 8 year old cousin could barely remember him.

Anyone remember when Nick Jr was actually cartoons? I mean cartoons drawn by people? And who could forget the puppets of Eureka's Castle? What are we letting our children watch these days? And I thought that was always how it was going to be. When those channels start airing stuff you remember watching in first run, whoa that's when you know you're no longer just being young forever but it hits you that you CAN get old and you are getting OLDER.

Right now I'm still extremely youthful and in my 20s, but I realize that things will never go back to the way it used to be pre The illusion that I will be a young kid forever has been shattered. What makes me feel old? Reading the messages of people in their early and mid 20's reflecting back on the 80's and saying how they feel old.

Geez, they cant possibly remember much before Remember VH-1? It was the channel that used to be for the old people! Nearly every big female pop singer around now, was born somewhere in the '80s. Shakira is the only one that comes to mind as someone that was born before You still remember the theme song to The Greatest American Hero.

Remember he lost his alien instruction book and couldn't fly that little red suit. Believe it or not it's just me I'm 26 and I'm still not used to the idea of an "'80s retro" party or dance.

I always thought stuff like that was only done for the '50s, '60s and '70s. Decades I was never really part of. At least that's how it used to be. This is going to get some getting used to, but by the time I'm used it, they'll probably come out with '90s retro dances. You can remember before when there was just one Star Trek series around and it was all about Kirk and Spock.

Today there are 5 different Trek shows out there. You find yourself telling "When-I-was-your-age" stories to today's teens. You remember watching the TV show "Thirtysomething" back in the '80s and thinking that was a show for crusty older people, or as you thought back then, the "adults". What 3-year old is gonna want that?! These kids today have no idea what Super Pursuit Mode is. For shame! Get into a car with any self respecting Child of the '80s and yell out "time for Super Pursuit Mode!

Yes even the mid '90s! I hate that, that is so freaking annoying to me that these kids call the first half of the '90s the Eighties. I understand that that's all they can remember, but dammit that time wasn't the real '80s!

The real '80s being everything that happened in the years of ' Anything that happened after was the phase out time, but that's the only '80s these kids can remember.

You remember the days when a lot of people said Michael Jordan would never win a single NBA championship because he was the ultimate scorer, and not enough of a team player. You also remember the first Air Jordans that came out in the mid '80s, back when everyone was just startin' to wanna "be like Mike". You know you're well past your prime if you know who J. Even worse!!! As someone who spent most of the '80s on a playground and being a literal "child", sometimes I feel bad when I realize that the requirements for being part of the Youth Culture have changed slightly and I don't really fit into them anymore.

I was born inso I'm 27 years old and while I know I'm by no means an "old guy", I have been feeling kinda bad lately. I know I'm far from being old of course, but still the harsh realities of getting older have been on my mind the past couple of years. I mean in just 3 years I will be at that age where I can no longer be trusted anymore. That sucks! You know, traditional Baby Boomer stuff like that.

Infact I don't even think my own solid memories go beyond the very early '80s. But these days the requirements for being a Youth have been expanded on somewhat and it seems you have to have at the very least been born under the Reagan Presidency to qualify as a real "youth", I realize that when it comes to the '80s I'm more Goonies then Breakfast Club, but when you realize that you can cleary remember the stuff that happened 20 years ago, the world is just never the same again.

The unthinkable is happening, we are now becoming the grown ups. When the kids that were born when you were in 4th, 5th and 6th grade and ofcourse beyond that start driving, THAT's when you know you are getting older. When you see those kids that are that far apart in age from you starting to drive and are obviously looking physically like full grown adults, it's like WTF is happening to the world.

You know who Mr. Miyagi is. You also know how to do the "crane technique". Remember, if do right no can defend. Here's something to make you feel old, you realize you can still remember the code that took you directly to Mike Tyson on the NES version of "Punch Out! And every kid had the same strategy, just don't let Tyson's powerful upper cuts hit you during those first few moments.

If he landed any other blow you were still ok, but if you got hit by an upper cut you were dead. You remember when Michael Jackson first did the moonwalk while singing "Billie Jean" on the Motown 25 year Special back in I recently went to Kings Island.

I can remember when The Beast first came out. I was born in I remember how much I used to love it. Now, after riding it a few times on our last time there, my back is telling me that I am,not only feeling old,but getting old.

Well he's 30 years old now. When you mention the Gulf War and when Bush Sr was President to a teen and they don't remember the war and don't remember another Bush was already in the White House before.

When people call you maam. When one of your first crushes was on Simon LeBon of Duran and you finally meet him and he's an old lush. When kids born in '81 whine about feeling old already.

That the Olsen twins can legally drive now and can pose for Playboy in less than two years. When kids refer to Nirvana as a classic band. When you act respectful towards people you're sure are older adults and then find out that theyre YOUR age.

You remember thinking how much cooler the 8-bit Nintendo was over the Atari and it's box figure like characters. I even remember Atari tried to get rid of their left over stock in the mid-late '80s with a really stupid commercial that all but admitted their defeat to Nintento and Sega,"Get Atari!

It's Under 50 bucks!! When the teenagers that hang around outside of gas stations or convience stores ask you to go buy them cigarettes and beer. But instead of saying "Hey dude" as in they think of you as older but still a youthful peer, they call you, "Hey mister, hey mister, SIR can you buy me some When you hear the teenagers of today, or anyone 21 and under really, talk about Beverly Hills a '90s show! I was talking with some people that were fans of and grew up with the show like I did, but they were all in 1st grade when it came on!

You're old enough to be a parent of a teenager. Now isn't THAT scary?!! Nearly half of the kids born in the '80s are legal adults now. Scary isn't it? And the the worst part is, the people born in the early '80s aren't even kids anymore, they are young adults in every sense of the word. I've seen 20 year olds born in bitch about the teenagers around now, as well as complain about the music and pop culture of today. Sheesh that made me feel really old, as I was bitching about the people born in '82 just a year or two ago when THEY were still teens!

All of us Generation Xers born in the s will turn 30 sometime in the '00s. Some are already there. Seems like only yesterday we were the no good punks, brats, and slackers of the world, and now we have to be the responsible adults or at least attempt to act the part that Generation Y looks to for leadership and guidance. All the original atari games fit on ONE playstation 2 disc!!!

You remember that when you were growing up you had several teachers in school that were pregnant in the '80s. And then you realize with uneasiness that the babies those teachers were carrying are now driving, in high school or in college. Remember when how they used to always have the Magic vs. Jordan debates? I'm the only one at my work that can remember the Pet Shop Boys. When you hear music from the early-mid s like Nirvana and Pearl Jam called "old bands" by these teenagers around now, then you know all your '80s stuff is just ancient history.

You remember playing video games back in the '80s and thinking how cool it was just to be able to control what the characters on the screen were doing. Your driving habits mellow out. For example, you notice yourself not driving as fast as you used to. You shock yourself by saying phrases like, "Seems like only yesterday If you see someone you knew back in the 80s for the first time since then, you're shocked to discover that they don't look like the same person anymore.

Especially if they were little kids back then, you're twice as surprised to see how much they have changed since they've become adults themselves. Afterwards, you're asking yourself, "Where does time go? If you can remember clearly the heart and soul of the Eighties, which was the '87 time. Most of these kids around now at best can only remember and then of course the early '90s. Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras are called "the old men of tennis" now.

They are 32 and Remember when they were both ultra hip and super cool teenage tennis stars in the '80s and early '90s? They used to look like hearthrobs hawking Nikes and Reeboks even back in Now they both look like someone's balding dad. The computer lab at my high school upgraded all their computers to Apple IIe's from Commodore 64's back in I was in 10th grade then, and these the top of the line systems back then.

They were great!! I mentioned this to my 13 year old cousin and she had NO idea what they were. She thought Apple only made the Mac and "what's a Commodore? That it'sand I was talking about 's Macarena dance with a friend while we were in a mall and a 16 year old check out clerk heard our conversation and says, "Oh yeah the Macarena, whoa that was totally 5th grade". Further proof that the '80s being treated as retro nostalgia may actually be the least of our worries.

Of course, laughs from the "Older" relatives. The only good thing my girls love hearing my "Old" stories of concerts and fun in the Eighties. Have you been finding yourself walking around trying to convince yourself and others that we get a grace period and people still might be considered semi-cool up to the age 35? Reading some of the comments posted here from a bunch of whiny 23 and 24 year olds complaining about feeling old because they can remember the '80s and they feel the heat of 30 makes ME feel like a real old timer.

I gradutated high school in Yes ! I bet none of you whipper snappers can beat that, I'm really a '70s kid who finished high school in the '80s. I'm older then every single '80s high school graduate.

For most of the '80s I was in my 20s. So when I read through these posts I can't believe that there are even several comments from 19 year olds on here saying how they feel old because some Seamse Street actor they loved back in the '80s is dead now, or something stupid like that.

If you're a teenager, in your 20s, or hell if you're just anyone 35 and under, and you're sitting here wasting time complaining about feeling old, then you'll have a heart attack when you get to What comes after turning 25? And what comes after turning 30?

And what comes after turning 40? And so on. Get the point? It's life, and worrying about it won't magically keep it from happening. It was when my 9 yr old now started kindergarten,she was excited when I pick her up on her first day and school and had me go with her for she could show me these really big black CDs-"She said Look Mommy my teacher played these Big Black Cd's for music time" all I could was laugh,that's when I realized I know I am a 80's child-we had records and 8-tracks.

I once had to explain to some teenagers what the whole New Coke vs. Classic Coke deal was. I told them what New Coke tasted like. They were actually alive when that happened, but were way too young to remember it. When you see 20 year olds born in act so mature and grown up, and critisize the teens around now.

If people born in '82 are that adult like and no longer act like kids, all that does is remind you how old you've gotten. That was when I first realized Walk The Talk - Aileen Quinn and the The Leapin Lizards - Spin Me (CD I am getting older.

I'm 25 and an undergrad in college. I had a conversation with a fellow student about something I did at a big campus party at this same college 5 years ago in when I was about 19, 20 years old. Her reply: "!!! I was like only like 12 or 13 years old back then! OMG you were here in !? As you can tell, there is no point in even discussing anything that happened in the '80s with these kids.

My cultural references are lost on the early twenties girls who work for me. I made both a "Rocky Horror" joke and an Iggy Pop reference. Blank looks. I can also sing along to a lot of the musak at work. I no longer like to put the year of my birth in any of my internet handles or email addys.

I remember when I used to ask my parents what the '50s, '60s, and '70s were like. I now realize what an annoying brat I was treating my parents time like ancient history, because I'm sick of these kids around today asking me what the '80s were like. When I was a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, I often thought about the late 50s and the 60s--when my parents were young and before I came along.

And back then, that was like 20 or 25 years ago. Today, when you think about 20 years ago, where does that put you? You're shocked to realize that toddlers 2, 3, and 4-year-olds from the 80s are now driving--and some even have their own cars!

Often times I'll find myself thinking, "That wasn't so long ago But, I think the worst was when a radio station, Sunny 99 in Houston which is what our parents always listened to for "soft rock" played The Cure!!!!

We didnt even have the COOL atari's- I had the kind that you plugged the cartridge into the keyboard and if that wasnt enough, you had to program a game yourself When all your favorite toys are suddenly appearing at stores in the retro section I'm 26 years old, and while I know I am still young as hell, a part of me also knows that the reality is that I am getting older very quickly. This was really driven home the other day when my 60 year old father complimented me on what a good and cautious driver I became.

I remember the days not too long ago when both my father and mother hated to drive with me, and hung to the side of the car doors for dear life when I was a teenage speed demon on the highway. To get complented on what a good driver you've become by your 60 year old dad makes me feel a lot of weird and bizzare things, and I'll tell you that it sure as hell doesn't make you feel young. Think these kids born in the '80s are making you feel old? Well in just a few years you'll see the kids born in and hitting the highway.

I can handle kids born in the '80s, but I'm not sure if I can ever handle seeing some teenager or young adult tell me that they were born in the s. That's definately going to be beyond freaking for any Child of the '80s no matter what our age. Just imagine looking at teens and young adults who were not even alive in the '80s, and who you could biologicaly be a parent of.

Molly Ringwald is 34 years old. And those two Corey kids, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are both like 32 and 31 years old respectively. The "little girl" from E. I believe his dorky friend Paul is also Puts things into perspective seeing these former late '80s and early-mid '90s pre-teen and teen stars get so mature into adulthood don't it? A couple of the hottest teen shows of the s, "Beverly Hills " and "Saved by the Bell", had their class gradutuate high school in Next year it will be a 10 year high school reunion for those kids, Album).

Whoa, if '90s high schoolers are going through 10 year reunions, then all it does is just push us former '80s teens that much further into creeping towards middle age. If you have fairly concrete memories of anything that happened somewhere in the to time frame, which is generally thought of as the true '80s or real '80s, then you're probably feeling the pressure of getting old and just not as young as you used to be.

Lot of the teenagers and very very early 20 somethings around today say they remember the '80s but they seem to only remember the time afterand then they just go ahead and write in the early s as being the '80s. Everyone that was part of the genuine '80s knows that anything that happened after wasn't really the '80s. So if you have somewhat solid memoires of the real '80s, then you know you're getting old. When people 9 or 10 years younger then you start driving.

It's just too bizzare. If you're 26 like me, and you see a lot of the people just 4 or 5 years older then you going bald and looking positively middle aged. You sit back and ponder at the bizzareness of how these same people were the ultimate in cool back in the late '80s and early '90s.

I saw a commercial for skin care saying, "you're approaching your 30s My God, I'm When Madonna went from a skanky fringe player to an accepted part of the mainstream in the late '90s, I think all the children of the '80s knew they got older. It seems like I'm the only one at my college that can remember when "Return of the Jedi" and "Ghostbusters" came out in and When people talk about stuff that happened 20 years ago, and it hits you that they are no longer talking about the Baby Boomer decades like the '50s, '60s or '70s, but now they are talking about something from the early '80s In response to Barry: "Okay MTV experts, I'm trying to pull the name of a song out of the "gray matter" and I'm just not getting it done.

Early onset senility or one too many party Album). I don't know the band or the song title, but the video, probably early 80s, dealt with old movies, "The Maltese Falcon" mainly and the video ended with a line like" Very magnanamous Mr Cairo". Nothing like next to no information, but that's all I can remember. It came out about the time Men at Work were popular but I don't think it was one of their recordings. Any help would be appreciated and I will get back on track to the "Why I like the 80s" question soon.

I promise. Thanks, Barry. Here is a link to a sampling of the song from Amazon. Realizing that years that used to sound highly 'futuristic' are getting deeper and deeper into the past I have a famous birthday!!! On October 19,the stock market plummeted!!! I was 5 on that day! It scares me that in a few weeks, it will be the 15th year since that happened!!

I'm only gonna be Last Thursday night, my family's friends had to go to Back to School Night for their two children their son, Vito, is almost 5 in Pre-K, and their daughter, Vicky, is 7 in 2nd gradeso I was babysitting. We were having a snack, and Vito asks me how old I am. I said, "I'm 19, but I'll be 20 soon. Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Disney World opened in talks of technologial advances that will be possible in the millenium. This attraction is so primitive, and the fact that it breaks down every time I have been on it doesn't exactly comfort me about what's to come in the future.

You think that with all the advances they claim there will be, they could try making that attraction work a little better. Even the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is now considered a classic.

I'm 24, and I hate to admit this but I was actually walking around thinking and acting like I was still some kind of "kid" or goofy teenager right up till a few months ago. It was only when I realized that people 10 years younger then me are entering high school this year inthat it harshly sunk into me that I am no longer part of the youth culture. I'm still young, but knowing you are not really part of the youth culture anymore is a tough thing to accept.

I thought that was going to be a part of me forever. And yes, hearing a lot of the toys and music from the '80s Album) called "retro" makes me feel very aged, and I wasn't even that old in the '80s. I was floored when I heard The Cure and Erasure on an oldies station. No not the same age, but younger.

I'm 29, and I was certain this guy in one of my tech classes was older then me and I wouldn't be the oldest one there, but he turned out to be only 20 years old. I wanted to die when he told me was only in 3rd grade when I graduated high school! Seeing the new versions of He-Man, Transformers and other shows on Tv and thinking about how much worse they are than the ones I saw as a kid. Believe it or not, it really makes me feel old when someone calls me "Sir".

And even though I'm thirtysomething, it also makes me feel old when someone calls me a "man". I much rather prefer "guy", and even "boy" doesn't sound too childish for me, because I still feel like a teenager! You see a lot of 80s stuff for sale in antique shops. I can handle the '80's being treated as nostalgia, but I don't think I can EVER get used to these kids today talking about Pearl Jam like it was ancient history.

When the early and mid 's are looked at as being ultra old skool by the current youth culture, that's when you know there's no point in kidding yourself that the '80's are still hip or fresh.

I knew I was getting old when it dawned on me that I can remember very clearly, what was going on in the world back in and that was 20 years ago. Granted I was an extremely young elementary school child back inbut still, I was fully concious and can remember vividly what was happening that year. Knight Rider just had it's 20th Anniversary. Well it will be 19 years for Punky, but that's enough to make anyone who grew up back then and watched these shows in their original run feel geriatric.

My favourite Saturday morning cartoons were temporarily abandoned due to Challenger blowing up. An event my peers know very little about. Oh and in those days did I just say that? Whenever I hear about shootings at schools, I am reminded of the fist fights that broke out in my high school in the 80s. I never saw anyone with a gun, even though our school had one of the worst records of bad behavior in the state. I bet the vast majority people in the United States armed forces don't remember the '80's very well, or in some cases, not at all.

Think about that, the bulk of the people defending your country can barely remember the '80's, if it all. I mean if most of the MEN and WOMEN in the military are born in the '80's and in that range, then while they were around back then, they are likely not to remember most of the stuff that happened in the decade save for maybey a few cartoons.

Not a thought that would make most of us feel like spring chickens that's for sure. Infact just typing all that made me feel awful. I think I need a drink. I still remember being a kid back in the late '80's and how futuristic the year used to sound to me.

Hell the whole 's used to sound very futuristic, it was the near future like in the movie "Robocop".

But now the '90's are all the old school past, and the '80's are being treated as retro fun in the same way the '60's and '70's were for so many years. Being a child and was taken to go see ET in theater's and then now when the re-release came out I was taking my younger daughter to go see it. I always feel OLD when I see the former teenagers of the '80's, who are now in their 30's, insisting on practicing "clique maintenance", which is putting down the kids of the late '90's and present, as well as putting down the overall world of the late '90's and present, just to make their own little clique feel better.

Yeah, you guys in your 30's just keep fooling yourselves and keep pretending like you didn't act as stupid as these kids do now. Those of us who are still in our 20's now and were children back in the '80's remember very clearly how the teenagers and early 20 somethings of the '80's acted. I had older brothers and sisters, and I remember how freaking wild and crazy the teenagers and young adults of the Eighties were. I hate to say this but you guys were probably 10 times worse then these kids today.

But I know you'll never admit it. Proof that we're all getting a little bit older Yikes, this makes me feel old. I grew up watching Chevy Chase in the s! Shows With Real People. Magnum P. And The Dukes Of Hazard. It's Strange Ever since the year finally came, I've realized that the people in their 30's are looking younger and younger to me every year.

Infact I know this has definately been true for all of us that spent our childhood back in the 's. You guys think it's so bad that these kids can't remember the 's? Get real, try talking about the first half of the 's with these people. I embarrasingly gave my age away one day in an economics class when I started talking about what I was doing in and didn't mention anything about being in an elementary class room or being out on a play ground playing with Power Rangers.

Ok - I must admit, this is the year that made me feel old. After looking at several magazines and realizing that certain fashion statements were making a comeback I got a little freaked out. Remember when we had jean jackets and purses made of jean and we had buttons pins all over them? I even had a necklace that was about 1 inch long and shaped like a glove with rhinestones in it!

I guess the kicker is the E. And yes, I took my 5 year old to see it in the theater this year and cried like a baby the whole time! Michael J. Keaton, is himself 41 years old.

I used to always wonder why they picked 24 and not 21, 22 or When I turned 24 I realized I was a mortal man and not some immortal demi-God like I thought I was before, and thus started driving a little more carefully and not as reckless as before. When you turn 24 and go into your mid 20's it hits you like a ton of bricks that 30 is only 5 or 6 years away.

So I'm really scared now, but age yeah, that finally makes sense to me why the insurance people pick that age. You saw the "Simpsons Christmas Special:Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" in when it first aired Decemberand you've seen the reruns many times since. You can clearly remember when the "Simpsons" was really corny looking and sounding--especially Homer's voice. The animation was primitive, but now it looks and sounds much better--and its gotten funnier too!

Not that it never was Now, we're all 19 and some are almost 20, and we're still "Simpsons" fans! It proves that it stands the test of time. You can remember when the most controversial program on television was "The Simpsons," yet you can't remember anything from the 90s. Now, the fledgling network is UPN, and we all know the only thing holding them up is "Enterprise," which I won't even begin to watch.

You realize that they don't make many "family values" sitcoms like "Family Ties" and "Cosby," or nostalgic dramas like "The Wonder Years" like they used to. Watching the kids you used to babysit for graduate from high school Cabbage Patch kids costing an arm and a leg to buy and their horses which is still in my parents' attic which now cost next to nothing If you mention "The Transformers" to the kids around today, they only know about that stupid Beast Wars cartoon.

Hardly any of these kids know of the Generation 1 series from the '80's. Beast Wars sucks anyway. Who wants to see Optimus Prime turn into some kind of ape?

And Megatron transforms into a rat? When the children and young teens of today think "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was strictly a '90's cartoon, but you remember watching the show when it first started in the '80's.

I remember all that when it happened the first time around. Well maybey I can handle it happening to Milli Vanilli, those guys were a joke. The '80's? A lot of kids today treat the '90's, yes even the late '90's, as being really really old school. The Class of just had our 10 year high school reunion. I'm still not used to being this old.

Yeah I know, by the time I get used to it, I'll be even older. I'll tell you what makes me feel oldWhen I was in junior high in the late '80's, I remember very clearly teachers lecturing us on how things in the world were so much better back in the '50's and '60's and how back in those days children were safe to go out and play and they didn't have to lock their doors at night or anything like that. They'd also insist on telling us how well mannered and respectful kids were to the adults of the time.

Most of the teachers and parents would talk about how awful things were in the then present ofhow rotten us kids were and how the '80's were all glitzy MTV style and so little substance. To them we were the worst kids that ever walked God's green Earth.

And for them the '60's had music that meant something and lyrics that were about something while the '80's were a soulless corporate abomination. Since none of us 12, 13 year old 7th graders in were around in the '50's, '60's or even much of the '70's, we couldn't disprove any of the adults utopia nonsense and took their word that it was really that perfect and holy back in those days.

Fast forward towell these days you see a lot of us that were growing up back in the 's especially the slightly older crowd that actually graduated high school sometime in the Eighties say the EXACT SAME stuff, except instead of the '60's, people talk about how great it all was in the '80's and how terrible the world is in the '90's and 's.

I got to tell all of you, I never thought anyone around my age or of my generation would spout out that same utopia B. Who would have thought that Generation Xers would start acting just like our Baby Boomer parents? Jeez louise I remember seeing that movie when it came out in the theater for the first time in the Eighties. Nick at Nite is already airing one series from the 's.

It's "Coach". And you thought it was bad seeing '80's shows on Nick at Nite. Be warned that you will feel beyond old after you hear this story. This year in my younger cousins graduated high school and I was at their graduation party and made a comment about a Weird Al Yankovic song that mentioned singer Eddie Vedder.

Everyone one these kids, every one of them, asked me who Eddie Vedder was. Anyway after I explained to them that Vedder was the lead singer of the 's grunge band Pearl Jam, like that was such a long time ago or something! I just could not believe it. We are talking about the '90's here, and these kids of the class of had no idea who Eddie Vedder was and only the vaguest notion of Pearl Jam. I had to remind myself that they were in elementary school still learning to read and write during Pearl Jam's heyday in the early-mid '90's, and perhaps the Power Rangers held more appeal to these kids then whatever was being played on the radio.

Puts things into perspective about how old us Generation Xers have gotten doesn't it? It's official, we Xers are NOT in control of the youth culture anymore. Yes the 6th, 7th, and I think 8th graders of today were born in the '90's. I was born in the '70's and I know what I used to think of the '60's. Chew on that thought. June Carter : Ya'll can't walk no line. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site.

You can unsubscribe at any time. During the concert when Johnny and June are singing Jackson, Johnny's guitar strap goes from a thick patterned strap to a thin leather strap. His outfit also changes from black to blue. Sam Phillips: No Johnny Cash : Well, I do. The brief part of Waylon Jennings was played by his real life son Shooter Jennings. Free Kindle books!


Stormy Pinkness - They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (CD), Wont Listen - Green Andy - Rogers Of War (CDr, Album), Darlene - Nelson Riddle - Lets Face The Music (File, MP3), 21 Beers - Haggis (2) - Stormtroopers Of Hate (Vinyl, LP, Album), Perception - Stockholm Decadence - Catatonic EP (Vinyl), New Frontier - Roddy Woomble - The Impossible Song & Other Songs (CD, Album), Street Of Dreams - Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy (CD, Album), Untitled - KILT - Chrome Bellows (Cassette), Il Y A Ceux (Re-mixé Par Les Remixeurs De Soul To Soul) - LAffaire Louis Trio - Il Y A Ceux (Vinyl)


  1. Talk about making me feel old. Working in a stores mask dept. at Halloween in ' There I was buying a Superman DVD pack, 25 years old and this 17 or 18 year old kid treated me like a 50 year old man buy a Beatles CD. This was a DEATH BLOW to my gut. All and All the fact that all the stuff that was cool when I was a kid is makeing a.
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