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Download Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl)

They had called a bandh on Monday against the inclusion of 53 villages in the corporation. Tension mounted when around 9. An aide of Thakur alleged that the villagers pelted Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl) at the convoy, injuring Thakur and his supporters.

The attackers then allegedly rang the bell of a nearby church, following which around 1, villagers joined the attackers and beat up Thakur and his supporters, Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl), another witness said. Thakur and Jadhav, who had suffered head injuries, were admitted to Sanjivni hospital in Virar. They were discharged on Monday, the police said. Police sources said three companies of State Reserve Police Force were rushed to Vasai, which observed a complete bandh on Monday.

D, mentions about the Ezhavas and their tree climbing profession. Which means, in Brama deiyam lands without permission of the authority, the tree climbers "Ezhavar" not to climb in the trees of coconut and palmyra". The well known 12th century A. The year A. The "Thirumuruganpundi copper plate" of 16th century A.

In the hymns of "Kabilar Agaval" Nadars are mentioned as "Kaveripumpattanathil Kalveliangar cheriyil Sanaragathanil uruvai valarthanal". In that, the title "Nadar" given to few peoples. In the "Thattaparai Vanitham Pattaiyam" copper plate of the year A. D, the "Sana Nadargal" is mentioned. According to Tamil Lexicon "Ezham" means "Toddy". So, from the above mentioned records from 8th century onwards, the "Nadar" community people involved in their profession only and not as a rulers.

History is true fact. The word "Nadar" is of later origin, it means "a country man" but not a ruler. Still now the other vanniya zamins such as "Alagapuri". At the time of interview with them we put the question about their caste. The "Thenmalai" old madam instantly told we are "Kshatriya Kula Vanniyar".

They are telling in this fashion only even "Alagapuri Zamin" madam. When we asked whether you are "Maravas"? The old madam of "Thenmalai" got anoid and stated, who said we are "Maravas" we are "Kshatriyas", they Maravas used to work in our palace, that to certain limit. She further told, now-a-days their relatives are getting marriage with "Maravas" is common. The "Maravas" are willing for marriage without any hesitation being "Kshatriyas". We tried to stop but being a "Very Minority" we are unable to do so.

However, the Alagapuri Madam told they are totally strict about their caste and they go for marriage alliance only with "Vanniyas" and not with "Maravas". The Alagapuri madam further told, their ancestors were the chief guest during the "Vanniya Kula Kshatriya" Maha-sabha meeting. When the press meet held at Chennai a few years before. One of the descendants of "Sivagiri Zamin" Thiru. Selvaraj told to the "Press" that. I have seen in my life that, the people used to steel things and other valuables etc.

But I never heared the people used to steel the "Zamin" and its pride together. Oh what sort of "Kali Yugam" this is? Your research Mixing the word Vanniyar with Maravar is going in a total dark forest without any route to end.

With regards to the existence of Pichavaram cholas, my beloved Guru and eminent archaeologist Thiru. Natana Kasinathan Sir, has done research work along with myself and my friend annal. After the downfall of the chola empire in the end of 13th century A. Chandrapandia Padaiandavar of Chidambaram a few years before. The fort is totally damaged and few ramparts are scattered in the marooned area. Most of the Learned Scholars are in the opinion that the Pichavaram cholas are the descendants of imperial cholas.

However, the lack of evidence for 14th and 15th century A. In order to bridge the gap for the lack period, I have tried through several sources and prayed God to render evidence for the lack period. The God has fulfilled my pray. Now, I have discovered an unshakable evidence proving the Pichavaram cholas are the descendant of imperial cholas.

Institute, Mylapore, Chennai — The king donated the land and went to Pichapuram. Institute adviser S. His traditional biography is found in Sanskrit at some detail in the two texts, Parthavana Mahatmya or Korravangudi Purana in verses as found in Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl) and in the form of a dialouge between Brahmanan dayati and Sankaracarya and Rajendrapura Tillai — Mahatmya or Umapati Vijaya in verses by Tillai Sivananda Diksita.

Both Rajendrapura and Parthavana are identical with the place Kottrangudi, the modern Kottangudi, east of the Chidambaram Railway station. The two puranic accounts glorify Umapathi Sivacharya as having performed or participated in some miraculous deeds at Chidambaram and its vicinity.

The two puranas were published in Grantha Script Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl) summaries in Tamil in the introduction to the Chidambaram edition of the Pauskara Agama with the bhasya of Umapathi Sivacharya. They were edited from mss. In what way, a pannaiar Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl) in the world class Thillai Nataraja temple to crown as a Chola King.

Others which includes other kings are not entitled for the same rights. The noted poet of 12th century A. They served in the salai feeding hall of temple.

The following chola period inscription says very clearly without any doubt :- The war held between Pandya Kulasekhara and the Sri Lankan King, in which Chola helped Pandiya by sending their army. Vol-VI, No.

Therefore, Vanniyas are "Kshatriyas". This is the real history. The present "Viluppuram District" got the name from the "Vanniyar Chieftains Vilupparaiyar", who ruled that area during imperial cholas times. The inscription evidences for the same :- "This epigraph contains two portions, one in Sanskrit and the other in Tamil. The former engraved in Grantha characters records that Kotacholaka Vimana originally built of brick was now rebuilt of stone by Sendan Jayantan Poyakapati.

The Tamil portion which is incomplete while recording the same fact describes him as Kumari Sendan alias Jayangondasola Vilupparaiya Nadalvan, a kudippalli of Poypakkam in Panaiyur-nadu in Rajendrasola-valanadu". The decision was made to revive an old arrangement made by their ancestors and recorded in an inscription of Vikrama Chola A.

According to that inscription a large assembly of the Palli Nattar, including all the Pallis living within the area bounded by the Pachchai hills in the west, the tank Viranarayana-Pereri in the east, the Pennai river in the north, and the Kaveri river in the south, had decided to contribute 50 Kasu and One Kuruni of rice from each family to the temple at Iraiyanpunchai Kurangadu urai on the happy occasion of the reconsecration of images recovered from Dorasamudram, the Hoysala capital where they had been taken during a Hoysala invasion.

At that time the king also permitted them to carry their banner with the words Pannattar Tampiran the god of Pannattar on festival processions. The Palli people described here composed the bowmen regiment of the Chola army and this regiment seems to have recovered the images by attacking the Hoysala capital under the command of Vikrama Chola.

The area of their habitation defined in this inscription covers a hilly and dry area extending roughly a hundred kilometers from north to south and eighty kilometers from east to west in Tiruchirapalli and South Arcot Districts. Vol-VII, No. Vol-V, No. D, Periyapuranam, which was written by noted poet "Sekkizhar", who belongs to the "Vellalar Caste" :- 1.

There is no sort of proof to prove the "Vellalas" as "Velirs". History is fact based on evidence. The Great "Velirs" N. Therefore, the velirs Kshatriyas were referred in the history that, they were brought out from the "Fire-Pit" Yaga-Kunda to rule the earth and establish Dharmam.

This theory is to be taken for the origin of Kshatriyas and also a Vandharu Thalaivar - Vijaya Bhaskar - Oru Kai Paappom (Vinyl) that, Kshatriyas came from the shoulders of Lord Brahma.

In the "Purananuru" Hymnthe sangam age poet "Kabilar" clearly says that, the velirs Kshatriyas were brought out from the "Fire-Pit" of sage "Vadapal Thava Muni", whom has been identified as "Sambu Maha Muni" by the eminent scholar U. The "Sambuvarayar Kings" clearly mentioned in the imperial cholas inscriptions that.

Vanniya Puranam and several copper plates pertaining to "Vanniya history" says the similar origin. Obviously, "Vanniyas" are from the line of "Agni" is the reality. In Sanskrit "Vanni" means "Fire". Both are synonyms. The eminent scholars in the opinion that, Irungovel belongs to "Hoysala Clan", since, the velir king Irungovel described as "Pulikadi Mall" by sangam age poet "Kabilar".

Even many ikons of "Sala killing a tiger" have been placed in the Hoysala temples as their symbol. They named their capital Halibedu as "Dwaraka", which resembles their ancestors ancient capital "Dwaraka", which was immersed in to the sea nearby the provinces of the present Gujarat. The noted poet "Kambar" of 12th century A. The "Hoysalas" mother tongue is "Kannadiga" The old Kannada inscriptions is almost in the form of Tamil script only.

The "Kodumbalur Irukkuvel" also refer them as "Irungolan", which is evident from the name "Parantaka Irungolan", one of the Chieftains of imperial cholas. The Sanskrit record also mentions one of the Kodumbalur Irukkuvel kings name as "Aditya Varma", which denotes them as "Kshatriyas" Varma. Irungovel was one of the Velir Chiefs of the sangam age, who ruled from his capital city "Pidavur" was defeated by Karikala Chola.

The "Irungolappadi" was ruled by the "Irungolar Chieftains" during imperial cholas times. The "Vilandai Kuttram" was one of the nadu which existed in the "Irungolappadi Region" was ruled by "Vilandai Vel", a chief of Vilandai in the sangam period. During the period of Vikrama Chola in the year A. He belongs to "Vanniya Caste". In Virudhachalam, during the period of Uttama Chola, a Velir Chieftain named "Irungolar Naranan Pirutivipatiyar" had ruled as feudatory to imperial cholas.

The "Irungolar Chieftains" had the close matrimonial relationship with imperial cholas. A line of Chieftains, who ruled during the imperial cholas period were called as "Tundarayar". Around 20 inscriptions mentioned about them, they are "Palli" Vanniya by caste.

Tittakudi taluk, Tiruvattaturai inscription pertaining to Virarajendra Chola A. The "Irungolar" and "Tundarayar" Chieftains had matrimonial relationship with each other.

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