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Too Late Marlene - Duran Duran - Big Thing (Vinyl, LP, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Too Late Marlene - Duran Duran - Big Thing (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: EMI - 064-7909581 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Gatefold • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Synth-pop

Is it a decent sounding piece of wax? Anyone got it? I loved DD since I started having memories, having been born in late … but I most love their era from Arcadia through Big Thing… with Liberty as the strange demise, with some gems, from that exploration of mature and artful pop. That is their golden age for me, and I see a lot from that era here. Wonderful stuff. Really nothing after a few songs on the Wedding album compare to that material for me, even though I love songs on the later albums… and find AYNIN especially strong.

This is such a great idea. Keep it up! A great concept which can be done on numerous acts popular on SDE. In many ways Duran Duran are the perfect act for the first Deep Cuts playlist.

With their only constant being their ability to not build on momentum, yet comeback with great output when they are about to be written off. How those songs could have been singles is incomprehensible. Really creative and interesting. One of the first CD singles I ever bought! Little did I know that the poor girl in the room below still friends thankfully was being driven mad by 30 solid minutes of that one track played for about 2 hours a day to the accompanying whee whee whee of the spinning bike wheel.

Still love the song, hate exercise. Single mix flows much better than the album mix for me. Presidente is a great little song and not a very good single remix, but if the mighty Skin Trade — which was the most played record on radio one the week it was at 22 — couldnt make it then nowt could. White Lines, good intoilet song at gigs in They need to drop it, its dull.

I really like it too. Although it sounds stupid when a song begins with repeating the line: All she wants is. Great track, keep it hidden, buried in an album.

Always interesting to see which artists and articles generate the most comments. I think you should consider publishing a league table at the end of the year ranking the top yen articles based on number of comments. Another great feature and the comments and opinions from fellow SDE fans makes for fascinating and thought provoking reading.

It proves the old adage that groups cannot please all fans all of the time. There are so many other great groups who will benefit from such a Deep Cuts view. Just for the record I am a big Duran fan and even enjoy the more recent stuff abd their live show just gets better. My cuts would be :- apols cannot ignore the 3 albums just because they are not on streaming — after all it is not their fault! Great Work Paul. Really appreciate it — and also thanks to all the other post-ers who livened up a dull day.

It is you, fellow posters, that make this such a compelling visit. This was a hard exercise as the list could have been so much longer! I really wanted to think of good energy and flow for these ears. Gonna do this with a couple other faves and hopefully someone will bury me with burned CD copies of these one day like I did for my friend a few years back, loading up a couple CDs with a ton of songs we had discussed that he had loved in his very short 38 year life.

Thanks Jason! So funny, always knowing DD, Album), they only get me with Girls on film and Wild boys in the eighties, then I lost them, of coz, for me they were only a poster wall band for the girls …. This is something like the perfect pop record of the last years in my eyes. So perfect, that I bought the expensive grrrbut really beautiful Vinyl Factory edition.

I love nearly every song of this record. And after that I was open for older DD also…a lot of great songs to experience, also from this list.

I still love it. Good for you. Simply outstanding feature Paul. It will generate a lot of responses. I find your opinion exciting to read and love reading the readers responses to this. That may be the greatest B side of all time. Could have easily been a huge hit. This is a very different song than the one that ended up on the debut, with lyrics.

I did give Falling Down another listen. I bought the CD single, and of course like Serious it was a massive flop. You also get a good no. In a normal world, loads of songs would be chosen as singles by decent acts like Duran and not left as album tracks or B-sides and would all be hits and loads of so-called hits by all the undeservedly revered would flop or just not get made! I love Duran, but people way too rose-tint the past and act like only their first 3 years mattered.

I keep all the tracks, but they are weak when compared with all their ignored and bashed stuff. Other people lost it in the 90s, not Duran, though the covers album I play least, but still keep. Hits, smits, means nothing. So like life! Astronaut got to number 3 in the UK. Three years later RCM peaked at No amount of words can change the facts. RCM was a big fat flop. A fantastic feature Paul and some very interesting replies.

Superb intro, better song, excellent lyrics and enormous energy. If I recall correctly Liberty epk interview a decision was made not to tour the album, before it was released.

My Antartica is simply beautiful and has a timeless quality. Best song on Big Thing has to be Do you believe in shame. Musically I prefer All she wants is. Would love to hear the latter live. Tiger Tiger is a stunning, atmospheric instrumental. To conclude, What are the chances is my fave from Paper Gods. He also focussed mainly on album tracks and B-sides. I think my one is a bit more rounded and balanced although I would say that. Big Thing is one of my very favourite Duran Duran albums so I was a bit hard on it.

An early version of the playlist had the Euro House mix of All She Wants Is but I thought it was too long and ruined the mood at bit although I do love that remix. I enjoyed both takes on a Duran Duran compilation. I agree that Big Thing is a good album but often overlooked.

Wot no Red Carpet Masacre? Coincidently I was listening to it at the weekend. However, listen again to such fun cuts as Falling Down. Sadly the album tails off towards the end, but still worth a spin. Dear Paul, I hope you will do a similar exercise for Grace Jones next…. I look forward to reading your choices. My vote goes to The Style Council.

This is really a wonderful idea……easily the most interesting feature for me since I started following SDE. Pretty hard to find nowadays. I stopped listening after Big Thing and the best album for me would be Arcadia closely followed by the first album. Not trying to twist the knife but… Winter Marches On is definitely a big omission : Only saw the band live once in when touring on the back of the album Notorious. I never returned to them after that. Will be interesting to listen to this playlist tonight after work.

I was going to put it on, but there was already so much from Notorious. I love how taste differs. I love it and so do my kids so we played it endlessly in the car. I thought Paper Gods did not age well. They were trying too hard. If you leave that out the chorus would have been brilliant.

Wedding Album — saves their career. John leaves band halfway through. EMI refuse to release it and dump DD. Original 5 back together! Great album. Cock up the release strategy by making this digital only, initially. Fail to issue any physical Too Late Marlene - Duran Duran - Big Thing (Vinyl.

Paper Gods — Consign the good work with Mark Ronson to the dustbin and try to be all groovy and modern. All goodwill evaporates again. Just write some decent songs, record them and release them!! Stop overthinking it.

But aside from that, the Album) and style of that record really did alienate fans. They needed to build on what they had done with Astronaut — with or without Andy — and not go off on some weird tangent. Completely agree. Everyone was so excited they were back with that brilliant Wedding Album. At least that was self inflicted. Did the record company force them to? Totally agree on Paper Gods. All the goodwill wasted again. The departure of Mark Ronson as producer was indeed another self-destruct move.

But will never happen. We had to wait 25 yrs for that Duran sound to resurface w Mark Ronson. Then they get rid of Ronson. Dipping into the snippets in the widget above it really stood out how thin and dated the Notorious tracks sounded, which was a surprise. Sounds to me like the album could do with a remix!

Nice playlist. I used to play it early after doors opened when l used to DJ at a club. Someone asked me if it was a new track by Metronomy. In fact, Duran have so many great non-single tracks, that numerous playlists can be created with different themes.

Steve: Nice one, Steve, but I think the version of The Chaffeur you have included is not the acoustic B-side to the Rio single, but the albun version remastered. Thanks Paul! Fantastic idea…. Next up should be Phil Collins!!! My favorite way to listen to my music — the mix CD. If you want a greatest hits CD of any artist, there are plenty out there.

Let the album cuts shine on their own. The hardest part is usually deciding which tracks to leave off. Great list Paul!

Great fun! As someone who practically had to go to rehab to stop making DD compilations the prefect list always seems just out of reach… this is likely to induce a relapse. Danceophobia Kidding! There really were a very Duran friendly town. How big a supporter? Here goes…. I felt like that could have been a lost album that was supposed to have been released between Rio and Seven And The Ragged Tiger. I think that album is vastly overrated, myself.

Yes, I saw you mention that above, Paul. Anyway, just wanted to make that correction. I wonder what the issue is? Judging by the comments here it seems one thing that everyone can agree on if not the exact songs is the length and breadth of the Duran Duran catalogue. I, also am crying out for more Deluxe Editions of DD albums deffo needs remastering. Great shout out for Serious, actually my favourite Duran song. I winder if they released Serious now with Tess Daly in the video, it would do a bit better….?

OMG Paul! I always wondered how the same band that put together something so special and unique as Big Thing was capable of perpetrate the Liberty album as follow-up. This once again confirms that Duran have so may fans eagerly awaiting a continuation of the deluxe releases. Save A Prayer is my personal favourite.

All their hits are easily available on Spotify. The whole point of this playlist was to avoid the hits! Man, this has reminded me how much great stuff they put out and how much of it went criminally unnoticed. Alex James was definitely listening. First time I heard it was when I noticed it in a juke box! Nice list. If Nick R had his way, they probably would have played this one more often. Although my favourite band I only ever saw them once in at Earls Court where they sang my perfect playlist.

Wonder what the rights issues are the missing albums. Every January I make a playlist of my fave tracks from the previous year. And I set myself the same constraint — infact I actually burn a copy to CD for myself. Definitely agree with most of the tracks here, I especially love Late Bar and Khanada. Love the title track of Paper Gods on an otherwise patchy album.

I like your concept of a Deep Cuts playlist that fits onto a CD. What I love about this list and the comments is the amount of crossover. Most of the songs listed, plus Arcadia, all tend to have Simon singing in a certain style of voice, a style that he still uses from time to time. Re Serious I picked up a promo copy of the CD single 3 weeks before it hit the shops.

Release was delayed beyond the advertised dates in smash hits etc and clearly any DJs had long since given up on it! The Chauffeur is brilliant, possibly my favourite Duran track. Brilliant Selection of Tunes! A great thumbs up for picking rarities for non duranies like to the shore, So Misled and Late Bar. Great playlist to sing no matter when!

Good list Paul! Secret October was the first track that sprung to mind, but I do appreciate the brevity! First Impression is the best song on Liberty. I played that as much as the A side. Apparently he will play songs from his new album plus Thunder. My latest being the last song on each Iggy Pop solo albums.

Not a fan of Duran Duran but great idea! Friends of Mine is my favourite Duran Duran track and would have been a hell of a single. When I was a DJ, this was very popular on the dance floor. Hold Back the Rain is also a beast of a song, especially the version on Strange Behaviour. Got all excited there was something new from the boys when that email popped up.

DD should read this thread before compiling the next live set list which are boring predictable, Album). Sorry to post so much Paul but this begs the question. It was slated until the week before and then got yanked. It was pushed back for over 6 months before that until it just disappeared.

My feeling is they got tangled in some legality with Warren and have been sitting in a cold storage warehouse ever since, but what do I know? Will this ever see the light of day again? Additionally, will we ever see Medazzaland or Pop Trash on any piece of vinyl? Spotify seems to have dropped them and they must be so far back in the vaults by now they misplaced them.

These are the gaps in their vinyl catalog, while the other stuff is at least generally available on the secondary market. One of their finest, but as you say their self awareness was never great. Loved Beautiful Colours on their reunion tour but they left it off Astronaut, the fools. A much stronger song than Meet El Presidente for sure. Roll on DD40! Excellent article by the way. Liberty for me is the great ignored Duran album, bar the indecipherable toss of Venice Drowning. Liberty is a beautiful song, i doubt it would have changed the chart positions as Duran were dead audience wise in I would Album) include 2 or 3 tracks from this album Tempted, Zoom In but the list could be as high as 5 or 6.

The combination of Dre and DD was perfect and this album should get more credit. If you want something from that era, Palomino or Land from Big Thing are both better than Too Late Marlene - Duran Duran - Big Thing (Vinyl anything from Liberty excepting Serious. The biggest omission for me is anything from All You Need Is Now, my third favorite album from them behind the first two.

Aside from a couple other Paper Gods tracks or maybe just one Red Carpet Massacre track, this is a good project. You make me want to make my own should-have-been-hits playlist now! Too Late Marlene was considered. Love Duran Duran — Nick Rhodes is a big hero — his synths on the first album are a joy. Three in your list are on there! Pretty solid playlist Paul. I echo your thoughts on Only In Dreams. Best song on the Paper Gods album. You are right, Liberty was meant to be the third single from that album in Europe, First Impression was nearly a single in the U.

My Antarctica is the best song on the Liberty album, by far! Cool feature. Good selection of songs. Quality band. No sure what I would leave off but would add Save a Prayer as that is my all-time fave of theirs. And that is where my problem comes in. Can never pare anything down to just a single CD. For any band I like it means all and everything — albums, singles, B-sides, alternates, live — Everything, So there — truth is out.

And this is a great list. I personally would have added Chains from Astronaut since that has always been a favorite of mine. Also the bass line for Hold Back the Rain is just fantastic. But maybe that was a single somewhere after all, since there is a night version…?

I would have added Finest Hour from that. Other beings undeservedly get at least 4! Labels know little about music, which is not the same as knowing what apparently makes them and ONLY them money! Khanada IS on here. Friends of mine. Hold back the rain my favourite DD song Winter marches on. Should definitely be considered for the list Paul. Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. November 3, at Paul Sinclair says:.

The Thorn says:. Kevin Henry says:. Rodrigo says:. October 29, at Eric Generic says:. October 28, at Blakey says:. October 27, at David Mcintyre says:. Keith Jopling says:. SteveZ says:. October 25, at Larry Davis says:.

October 23, at Kevin Adair says:. October 22, at Karl R says:. Halici Arif says:. The play list goes straight from None of the Above to So Misled. October 30, at Must be some licensing issue as you suggest. Unfortunately, not much I can do about it. Chris Bennett says:. Andrew says:. Blue Meanie says:.

Cris says:. Oh thank you so much JP for taking the time and for your appreciation. All the best! October 24, at Danny Payne says:. One of the best Duran songs ever!! Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date October 12, Track Listing. Big Thing. Duran Duran. I Don't Want Your Love. All She Wants Is.

Too Late Marlene. Drug It's Just a State of Mind. Do You Believe in Shame?


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  1. Sep 27,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Big Thing on Discogs. Label: EMI - DBDD 33 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue Vinyl LP, Compilation All Media Limited Edition, Remastered • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • /5(31).
  2. Big Thing - UK: DDB 33 is a Duran Duran 12" vinyl album, released in the UK by EMI during Contents[show] Track listing DDB 33 Side A "Big Thing" "I Don't Want Your Love" "All She Wants Is" "Too Late Marlene" "Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)" Side B "Do You Believe In Shame?" "Palomino" "Interlude One" "Land" "Flute Interlude" "The Edge of America" "Lake Shore Driving" Personnel Duran.
  3. Oct 20,  · BIG THING album. Track 4 Too Late Marlene. Reply. Artis Falkner says: October 27, at Big Thing is one of my very favourite Duran Duran albums so I was a bit hard on it. An early version of the playlist had the Euro House mix of All She Wants Is but I thought it was too long and ruined the mood at bit (although I do love.
  4. Duran Duran - Big Thing: Tracklist (Vinyl) A1: Big Thing: A2: I Don't Want Your Love: A3: All She Wants Is: A4: Too Late Marlene: A5: Drug (Its Just A State Of Mind) B1: Do You Believe In Shame: B2: Palomino: See more tracks.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the g Vinyl release of Big Thing on Discogs. Label: Parlophone - DBDD 33 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered g • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock, Synth-pop/5(24).
  6. Jan 14,  · Big Thing by Duran Duran. I Don't Want Your Love by Duran Duran. Real Estate by listningtomusic. Duran Duran - All She Wants Is (Official Music Video) Too Late.
  7. Mar 05,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Big Thing on Discogs/5(34).
  8. gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo Thing 2.I Don't Want Your Love gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo She Wants Is gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo Late Marlene gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo (It's Just A State Of Mind) Side 2 gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo You Believe In Shame gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfono gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfoude One gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo Interlude gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo Of America, The gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo Shore Driving Side 3 1.I Don't Want Your Love gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo She Wants Is (45 Mix) ( Digital Remaster) Side 4 gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo She Wants.

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