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Bavarian Nightlife - Nolls - V (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Bavarian Nightlife - Nolls - V (Cassette)
Label: Nykylevyt - NYKY-001 • Format: Cassette • Country: Finland • Genre: Rock, Non-Music • Style: Experimental, Lo-Fi, Field Recording, Punk

It was translated into English by W. Nils Grosch writes that it "was met with bewilderment by the French audience not just because the work was sung entirely in German. It was revived by Lotte Lenya — Kurt Weill's widow — in the s, however with the main singing part in version transposed to a fourth below its original pitch level which matched Lenya's new lower voice but didn't correspond to Weill's intentions.

Another transposed version, down by a full octave, was used by Marianne Faithfull in her recording from Anna I, the singer, is the main singing voice. Her sister Anna II, the dancer, is heard only infrequently and the lyrics hint at the possibility that they are the same person: "To convey the ambivalence inherent in the 'sinner', Brecht splits the personality of Anna into Anna I, the cynical impresario with a practical sense and conscience, and Anna II, the emotional, impulsive, artistic beauty, the salable product with an all too human heart.

Both sisters set out from the banks of the Mississippi in Louisiana to find their fortune in the big cities, and to send enough money back to their family to build a little house on the river. After the prologue, in which Anna I introduces the sisters and their plans, seven scenes are devoted to the seven deadly sins, each encountered in a different American city. After arriving back home after seven years, the sisters ostensibly succeed in securing the means to buy the little house, but in the process Anna II envies all those who can engage in the sins she has been deprived of, and the epilogue ends in a sober mood, with Anna II's resigned response to her sister, "Yes, Anna.

The box-set "Forbidden, Not Forgotten - Suppressed Music From " encompasses three discs of music, written by composers who, to quote the liner notes, "were persecuted, banned, isolated, imprisoned, or killed in Germany and other European countries in the years betweenon the grounds of their race, religion, or political attitude.

The liner notes explain: "Some 60 kilometers outside Prague Through the concentration of so many well-known musicians, singers, conductors, and composers in one place, as of Theresienstadt was able to develop into a unique, officially accepted music culture and production center There was no way out of Theresienstadt other than into death and destruction.

Instruments started turning up one after the other and choirs, orchestras and chamber music ensembles were formed. Works from Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Smetana and Janacek were rehearsed without sheet music, learned off by heart and performed for an audience dressed in prisoner's clothing.

Admission was paid for in pieces of bread - in that moment it was of less importance than the cultural experience.

There soon followed premieres of the works of detained composers. Unfortunately, librettos are not provided, but the pieces on this disc are quite remarkable regardless, particularly Klein's lyrical Partita, with its intricate rhythms, and Ullmann's short choral pieces, simple and touching. Disc two is dedicated to Pavel Haas and Hans Krasa What's so striking - and heroic - about Krasa's works is their playfulness and essential optimism, certainly the last thing one could expect given the composer's circumstances at the time of their writing.

I can't help but think of Shostakovich's statement on Jewish folk music: "It's almost all laughter through tears. To quote the liner notes: "Brundibar is the story of the brother and sister Sepperl and Annerl they are supposed to fetch milk for their sick brother but they have no money. They try to earn street corners like the organ grinder Brundibar but fail. They are only able to collect some money when they are helped by a cat, a dog, and a sparrow to sing a lullaby. Brundibar steals it from them but with the help of the animals they are over to find and overpower him.

The piece was extremely popular with children due to its simplicity, the clear message, and the hidden allusions to the circumstances of the day Brundibar also quickly became a plaything of the propagandists on account of its sensationally positive effect and had to serve as fabricated proof of the 'good and normal' treatment of the Jews in Theresienstadt at all imaginable official occasions and visits.

Rehearsals and performances were interrupted time and time again by the transportations until finally the last of the children left Theresienstadt for good at the end of September Hans Krasa followed them just a few days later and was murdered in Auschwitz in October Brundibar is an important document of unbroken human hope and is eternally valid in its message - we can only exist if we are united when confronted with evil. The only composer included in "Forbidden, Not Forgotten" to have survived the war, Hartmann is probably also the most well-known.

His Symphonies are works of great genius, and more than one complete recorded set is available. These works aren't included on disc three of "Forbidden, Not Forgotten," but perhaps his most popular piece is: the Concerto Funebre for violin and orchestra, in four movements. Hartmann's music is more 'modernist' than the music on the previous two discs; indeed, it seems shot through with inescapable sorrow and anger. It's no accident that the overall mood that in addition that in addition to the 'Funeral Concerto,' the longest piece on this disc is a 'Funeral March' in a piano sonata.

That sonata is entitled, "Sonata, April 27 Its use of sustained tone clusters and jagged figurations evokes an inescapable atmosphere of pain. The "Concert Funebre" follows, and I think this work is familiar enough that additional comment is pretty unnecessary; it is what it purports to be. The moments that most remain in my mind are the extremely dramatic uses of the solo violin's extreme upper registers, contrasted with immobile, grinding accompaniments in the low strings, conjuring "a voice crying out in a wilderness of privation.

Using similar instrumentation as the Krasa Passacaglia and Fugue, it's a totally different world, one transfigured by the sorrow of the Nazi regime's totalitarianism and murderousness. Hartmann's works seem to attempt to plumb the 'madding depths,' those sorrows only alluded to in the pieces of the other two discs.

This is ironic, in a way, as Hartmann was the only composer herein to actually live through the war. It is almost as if he saw his role as to express the terror which those millions murdered by the Germans and their allies were unable to express.

And it is appropriate that those with voice would speak for those so cruelly rendered mute. The other, the Viktor Ullman Foundation, was founded in by the pianist Jaqueline Cole and regularly features concerts of once-suppressed music in and about London. Forbidden, Not Forgotten - CD 1, 2, 3 kbps, front cover included. In France, political song had been developed since at least the time of the French Revolution of when there had been an explosion of song.

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Reducing volume with earplugs can take away some of that richness. But if you love sound, you should listen to what science tells us. Protect your hearing and you will enjoy your passion for music much longer. At least three times a week for the last 10 years!

How loud is too loud? Find out at VegasSeven. Follow LVSound on Twitter. Is there a rule of thumb? The time you are exposed to noise and the volume level of that noise matters the most.

You can be exposed to 85 decibels of noise for eight hours without hearing protection before hearing loss is a concern. For every fve-decibel increase in sound intensity, the time you can be exposed before you risk hearing loss is reduced by half. You can be exposed to 90 decibels for four hours, 95 decibels for two hours, etc. In a nightclub, where noise can peak above decibels, without hearing protection you risk hearing loss in less than fve minutes.

Your challenge: Try to catch them all. In the Linq, p. In SLS, 10 p. Buy him a Red Bull, will ya? In the Cromwell, p. The latest daytime edition was so packed, Marquee opened the nightclub to accommodate the crowd. In the Cosmopolitan, 11 a. At Mandalay Bay, 11 a. Deep Dish gets together August 31 at Life. Paleo diners, rejoice! Despite numerous delays, the place is fnally open. Mochiko is a small, quickcasual spot near Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, with counter service.

Instead, the focus is strictly on Asian-fusion preparations of chicken. At this point, Mochiko offers Hawaiian-infuenced fried tenders and three grilledchicken bowls, with more bowls expected to be added soon. Meanwhile, a selection of salads has already been slated for elimination because of lack of interest which is a shame because the one I tried was actually pretty good.

There are nine dipping options available for the tenders: the signature Mochiko Sauce; coconut curry; buttermilk ranch; Polynesian; Mandarin sweet chili; sriracha sambal aioli; wasabi ranch; honey Dijon; and Twisted Teriyaki. The restaurant also creates other versions for various weekly specials.

Each large white-meat strip is plump and juicy, wonderfully tender, coated with a lightly seasoned faky batter and fried until perfectly crisp and golden. I should note that an egg I ordered on another occasion was slightly undercooked, demonstrating that making a perfect egg is not easy. Finally, for your beverage, make sure not to overlook the sweet lychee lemonade.

Given the fact that Mochiko is extremely new and makes everything to order, it should come as no surprise that service might be slow at. But even in a forgiving mood, the plus-minute wait during my frst visit was unacceptable. Things were better just a few days later, however.

Decatur Blvd. Open for lunch and dinner, 11 a. Mon—Sat, 11 a. Subscribe at VegasSeven. Having now had my first full meal at Giada in the Cromwell,I can finally say this about the lemon spaghetti: I get it. Salumi and cheese did their jobs, but I was surprised by how much I liked the crostini. Normally this dish is too meaty in an unpleasant way for me, but at this size, it was just right, combining lean veal loin and just-seared tuna, dressed with a caper aioli that made each bite pop.

Worst comes to worst, belly up to the bar, order a glass of wine and snack your way through the antipasti and pizzette menu. Speaking of bellying up to the bar, that is one of the best perches at Carson Kitchen S. Sixth St. The wide Bavarian Nightlife - Nolls - V (Cassette) counter offers a view into the kitchen and the pass, where you can watch the well-oiled machine on the line.

And this one has a casual setting, good cocktail list, bites to share with your table and some really solid mains. But what really made me happy was the burger, topped with boursin and white cheddar, and, oh, a pat of butter right on top, Midwest style. The grown-up tater tots make a better accompaniment than the usual suspect, fries, despite their being made from the same deep-fried ingredient.

Bavarian Nightlife - Nolls - V (Cassette) other surprise winner was the rabbit ragu over spaghetti pronounced the regular way squash. The evenly spiced tomato sauce with tender rabbit is a great coating for the strands of squash.

Grace Bascos eats, sleeps, raves and repeats. Read more from Grace at VegasSeven. Excludes items with prices ending in 7. Valid in-store only.

Coupon valid in Henderson and Summerlin, NV only. Not valid on previous purchases. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Offer intended for people of legal drinking age only.

Located on S. Rampart Blvd. Charleston Blvd. Near Cheesecake Factory, next to R. Fromtake exit 64 Sunset Rd. Head West on Sunset Rd. Stephanie St. Store will be on your right at the intersection of W. Warm Springs Rd. Not responsible for typographical errors, human error or supplier price increases.

Same Price Cash or Credit. Products while supplies last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All rights reserved. Please drink responsibly. Use a designated driver. I recently peeked behind the curtain to fnd the dining room just about ready for its new tenant, retaining the same chic, sexy feel we remember, despite numerous renovations.

The kitchen is far from complete; however, Palms offcials assure me Lao Sze Chuan, will be ready for a soft opening August 29, with a grand opening September Lao Sze Chuan specializes in Szechuan cuisine. The spelling of the name refects the Taiwanese spelling of the word. But owner Tony Hu promises his place will be a game changer. The menu is set to have more than items. There will also be dim sum made fresh to order rather than wheeled around on a cart and a latenight menu of clay pot dishes.

And the kitchen will feature eight large tanks of live seafood. Here, the price. Whether Hu will deliver everything he promises and propel Lao Sze Chuan to the top of the local Chinese food world remain to be seen. Let Go of the Past One of the best ways to find value is to break out of the same tired old rut of cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and chardonnay.

More than 10, wine-grape varietals are cultivated throughout the world. Limiting yourself to just a small handful of the most common will not only be detrimental to your wallet, but to your overall understanding and enjoyment of wine.

Look instead for lesser-known varietals from more obscure regions that are new, exciting and affordable. Not sure which those are? Avoid purchasing a bottle that is also offered by the glass because of the inherent markup that protects the restaurant from spoilage, waste, etc. While by-the-glass options may still be exceptional, they are often priced higher than they would be if offered by the bottle only. Knowing What You Want: Adjectives Can Save You Money One of the best ways to ensure that you get the right wine for the right price is to be able to describe the type of wine you typically enjoy.

If you enjoy a rich, robust red wine with tannins, there are hundreds if not thousands of analogs from which to choose. It will save you time and help him or her recommend the wine that is right for you. Also making its way around town is Bacardi Heritage Rum, a relatively new Bacardi expression that celebrates the year the daiquiri is said to have been introduced in the U.

Get the recipe for the Delano Daiquiri at VegasSeven. Just white rum, sugar and fresh lime juice was all it took at the start of the last century, around the time the drink—a sort of polished take on Navy grog—was created by an American engineer in Cuba. Nevada beverage development specialist Andrew Pollard collaborated with Mandalay Bay beverage director Dennis Lofand on the classic components of the Franklin menu. But as knowledge spreads, the classic hand-shaken daiquiri has slowly been reasserting its presence in Las Vegas.

Price vs. Value Value is the level of quality that you receive for the price you pay. The assumption here Bavarian Nightlife - Nolls - V (Cassette) that you are willing to pay something reasonable for the wine you hope to enjoy. Often, the best values are in the middle to upper-middle in terms of price point on a wine list. Going to a restaurant and hoping to find the best value in the cheapest bottle of wine ignores the reality that restaurants are still businesses.

Eat bologna from the package, drink some white zin and Yelp about that. Amid this new cultural climate arrives Doug J. The author invites readers to form their own opinions about the self-styled Cowboy who created a gambling empire in Dallas, and then when the law and his enemies were about to strike, fed to Vegas inwhere he created an even grander legacy.

He also understood that love engendered loyalty, while fear instilled discipline, but together they conveyed a singular power that could elevate and enshrine. Readers get enough context to fall into the rich scenes of these Wild West outposts long before they became big cities, but not so much as to get lost in a school lesson. There is little lost glamour, nothing that has eroded over the years.

From rags to royalty: Ever the family man, Binion and daughter Becky pose at his million-dollar photo-op in Doug J. At almost did. For all his crimes, Binion was only ever every step of the way, both in Texas and in sentenced to fve years in Leavenworth for Las Vegas, Binion benefted from, and signiftax evasion in He died a civic hero, icantly contributed to, crooked escaping to the great beyond in politics.

But that Presentation painting stark corruption as Old Testament warning about followed by benefcence. For all and book signing, Vegas when the mob ran everytheir advantages, his children 6 p. Stewart ished leaves a bad taste. As Swanlawsuits. Despite all his faults, how he was able to straddle that line.

His imBinion represents the Las Vegas dream at its age must have played no small part in this purest level. No ern shirts—made from gold coins—strained longer murdering or bribing … or innovating, at his generous paunch. With all the his likeness immortalized in a statue at polish of a Piggly Wiggly clerk, he wore an the South Point and his poker tournament up-from-the-sticks grin and delivered councontinuing on, bigger than ever.

The Strokes Still Reign as the Lords of Lo-Fi Grime The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan, August 20 The Strokes brought their customary anti-flare to the Chelsea, giving the flashy venue the feel of an underground New York City club with minimalist lighting, zero theatrics and the grimy garage sound that fans love.

Fans got a solid dose of the raw and dirty sound that made the band famous, but they could have used a little more of it. Much remains of the original: the weirdly proportioned cowgirl signage, that sepia-toned photo of James Garner as Maverick. Slam Dunk kicked things off with a raucous set, followed by Rusty Maples, who both verbalized and demonstrated their appreciation for Built to Spill, banging tambourines on drums and jingling guitars.

Built to Spill played a long set that gave the songs plenty of room to sprawl. I still listen to it. In doing so, the artist returns to teach at the place where he once earned his master of fine arts, studying under the famed art critic and teacher Dave Hickey.

Freakshow Wrestling is such an occasion. After a one-year hiatus, the see-it-to-believe-it variety show returns August 29 to Hell Town Studios, promising whipped cream thumbtack pies, sword swallowing and live music by the Radioactive Chicken Heads. He'll be joined by Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison, who we never have to imagine doing his job. We have the History Channel to inform us. Music lovers should tune into the inaugural Sessions at the Sayers Club on August The L.

Sayers outpost is known to usher in both up-and-coming talent and powerhouses such as Prince and Slash; you never know who might show. For all the buzz around music festival lineups, turns out the most important thing about a fest is boring old logistics. This was clear on Day 1 Aug. Organizers fixed the problems on Day 2, allowing the focus to return to the music.

Visit VegasSeven. Crazy Chief wars its way into the remodeled Bunkhouse Saloon at 9 p. August The band is touring in support of its seventh studio album, The Independent, which earned positive press for its meat-and-potatoes.

Topeka, Kansas-spawned technical death-metal band Origin is slated to bring its riotous grooves to Triple B at 8 p. I never expected Triple B to showcase a band with this much ferocity and unhappiness, so I feel a little bit better about the whole Downtown gentrifcation issue. Your Vegas band releasing music soon? An epic sword-and-socery music video, Arizona roots rock and rapid-fre death metal top this week in music. Carolla should sign on as Two-Step. Yet he insists he remains be hurtful.

Is it because crime scenes in Ferguson, Missouri, and Chicago and the rest of the real world—where senseless killings are supposed to matter—are hindering my ability to kick back with some recreational slaughter? The femmes in Sin City 2 fall into two overlapping camps: fatale or near-fatale, and nude or nearly. Some movies purport to honor a tradition, a style—in this instance flm noir, which is less a genre than a justifably paranoid state of mind—while reducing its storytelling elements to the crudest possible level.

This is where Frank Miller comes in. First introduced. The flm co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez rendered the excessive gore and bloodletting in a graphic-novelly way, with the actors acting entirely against green screens.

And that, folks, is Sin City 2. Now and then the right actors in Sin City 2 lighten the load a little, as when Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an unlucky gambler visits a heroin-addicted back-alley doctor Christopher Lloyd to remove a bullet from his leg and re-break his broken fngers.

I did like the use of 3-D in the poker game sequences, with Powers Boothe as the senator whose venality know no bounds sitting at one end of the table, fronted by towers of coins resembling little Towers of Babel.

If Rodriguez had any selectivity as an action director and a purveyor of garish thrills, the violence might have an impact beyond benumbing the spectator. Sin City 2 keeps piling on, fipping the visual pages and selling the same an. Chloe Grace Moretz is Mia, a cellist aiming for a Juilliard tryout, growing up in an idyllic, funky Portland, Oregon, household.

By senior year, Mia has fallen hard for a slightly older boy in a band of great promise. Fate intervenes in the form of a wintertime car accident, which leaves two members of her family dead and two more hanging in the balance. But The Giver gives off an air of wearying familiarity, without much in the way of design wiles or cinematic wonder.

Director Patrick Hughes shot most of Expendables 3 in Bulgaria. The climactic and semi-endless assault features tanks, helicopters, motorcycle stunts only a digital effects specialist could love and some terrible staging and editing.

Miller revels in this world, but amping up the grim salaciousness leads to all sorts of internal competition among the storylines. The script, adapted from the play Toothpaste and Cigars, does a few things right. We sense potential in the early meeting, at a party, of a med-school dropout Daniel Radcliffe and an animator Zoe Kazan.

From there What If contrives the usual reasons for the leads to come together. I felt arm-twisted by What If, for all its tossed-off verbiage and wisecracking. In the spirit of Sharknado 2, Into the Storm goes into blender mode and mixes its elements of wind column terror, smoothiestyle. Top-billed Richard Armitage, an Englishman doing his best generic heartland dialect, plays a widower with two teenage boys struggling to connect with their father.

But Into the Storm, directed with bland efficiency by Steven Quayle of Final Destination 5, reminds us that unless a movie establishes certain baseline levels of human interest, it runs the not-unentertaining risk of coming out squarely in favor of its own bad weather.

Everything about Get On Up, a provocatively structured and unusually rich musical biopic, is a little better than the average specimen in this genre. And yet the actor, like the film, works in a stealthy way. Get On Up hits all these high points. The audience travels through the narrative with these characters. I love Boyhood. In completing this simple, beautiful project Linklater took his time.

And he rewards ours. And despite the usual load of violence, the film owes its relative buoyancy to Chris Pratt as the wisecracking space rogue at the helm. Pratt seems to be growing into a quirky action hero before our eyes, the way Robert Downey Jr. How much of a game changer has that been? Educated guess, mobile wagering probably makes up roughly 30 to 33 percent of our overall handle.


La Ballati Dellu Cultivaturi Direttu - I Gufi - I Gufi In Raccolta (Vinyl, LP), He Thought Of Cars - Blur - The Great Escape (CD, Album), Fright - Various - Numbers One (File), Nana Bobò - Sergio Endrigo - Canzoni Venete (Vinyl, LP, Album), Masoko Tanga, Szökő, Bebe - The Noise (16) - Live 2: Anniversary Centro De Convenciones (CD, Album), Get Ready For This (Digital Mix By Chris Cox) - Various - Gridlock! 4 (Vinyl)


  1. Oct 04,  · nightlife and casual atmosphere. Copenhagen is built on two islands, Slotshohnen and Christinashavn, connected by drawbridges. The Baltic Sea and its canals just add to this city's charm, creating a visitor's paradise. More than 50 museums, including the .
  2. Review: This an altogether epic offering from Deetron; a vast collection of un-mixed tracks from his brilliant DJ Kicks mix (naturally included as a bonus cut) that is little less than a lesson in the evolution of techno over the last three decades. Amongst the 38 tracks you'll find fine representatives of a myriad of sub-genres (intelligent techno, dub techno, IDM, ambient techno, gospel.
  3. Jan 31,  · Ernst Busch (22 January - 8 June ) was a singer and actor. He was born in Kiel, Germany, and died in Berlin. Busch first rose to prominence as an interpreter of political songs, particularly those of Kurt Tucholsky, in the Berlin cabaret scene of the s.
  4. My buddy has the best luck. He recently found a copy of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band* - Trout Mask Replica for $1 and gifted it to me. My favorite scores in the last year or two were John Coltrane - A Love Supreme for $ and Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue for $ 🙀.
  5. ВКонтакте – универсальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников, которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек. Мы хотим, чтобы друзья, однокурсники, одноклассники, соседи и коллеги всегда.
  6. completed six cassette tapes of Jewish and Israeli music. The concert program will include Hebrew, Yiddish, Eng-lish and cantorial selections, with Shifman accompanied by a full orchestra conducted by Mike Lewis. Concert tickets are available through the temple or Ticket Master. The warmth of tradition. Shabbos dinner and Maxwell House* Coffee.
  7. New Bookmarks Year Quarter 3: July 1 - September 30 Additions to Bob Jensen's Bookmarks Bob Jensen at Trinity University. For earlier editions of New Bookmarks.

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