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I recommend this book and plan on re-reading it in the future. Reviewed by Ka Stephanie Burke's tale of sea horses, crazy humans and weird vampires is just the beginning of Absolute Perfection. Reviewed by Katrina Absolute Perfection was a perfect read on a cold wintery night. Astika and Taza come together in the oddest way, yet quickly find they have found what they are longing for.

They don't worry about being two different species, sizes or anything. They just simply enjoy each other. This story will make you laugh and learn how easy it can be to love someone if you let yourself.

Stephanie Burke deserves 4. The ending truly made me smile. Apr 04, Sarah LaGioia rated it liked it. The writing wasn't great, and the story was somewhat rushed and wonky. The characters fell in love way too fast and the way that one of them went from completely rejecting the relationship to being all for it happened fast enough to make my head spin.

The characters, major and minor alike, were not fleshed out, and for the villains it was largely a bunch of mwahaha and fufufu. These are all major pet peeves of mine. I should have hated this book. But my god did it keep me amused.

The chara Okay. The characters' traits were absurd, the setting made very little sense, and the plot was predictable, but I laughed. I smiled. The zoological attributes given to the characters' humanoid "secondary forms" were entertaining. The quirkiness of the characters made the story. The amorphous sea-foam blob was random as hell and served almost no purpose besides making the reader chuckle and weirding out the non-sea-dwelling characters.

The bantering between the characters? So this wasn't what I'd call a great read, but it was great for some lighthearted reading. Frivolous and fun. Enjoyable despite its flaws. Feb 05, SirenBookReviews rated it liked it. I had no idea what to expect when requesting to review this book. Other sites had said that there was Absolute Perfection big humor element to it, so I requested it on faith of that, and the book delivered!

I was giggling almost constantly while reading, even the sex scenes have a small element of humor to them, and so I was really able to enjoy this book for that reason. The plot itself was very straightforward, and the characters' personalities were fairly consistent and easy for me to grasp; I was never left wo I had no idea what to expect when requesting to review this book.

The plot itself was very straightforward, and the characters' personalities were fairly consistent and easy for me to grasp; I was never left wondering what they might do or why they'd done something. The writing style itself and the editing are the reasons for the lower score, because although I enjoyed the book and the cover art—so pretty!

Still, the book's humor pulled me through and Absolute Perfection was able to look forward to and finish reading the book, so don't let yourself be dissuaded from reading because it's not an expensive book so it's worth it for the giggles.

Dec 08, Omega rated it it was ok Shelves: arranged-marriage-forced-matingenemies-to-loversfantasygentle-gianthighbornm-pregnancy Absolute Perfection, mmshifterswarriors-soldiersviolence. I have mixed feeling about this one. It was an interesting concept of the world and its various creatures. The seahorse's peculiarities were incorporated well in the human form of the shifters as well as in their culture. Naga was interesting too, there aren't many books with snakelike creatures and if there are some, they're rarely positive characters.

I didn't like much Taza and Astika. They kept changing from page to page and as much as I can understand the evolution of the character and I d I have mixed feeling about this one. They kept changing from page to page and as much as I can understand the evolution of the character and I do apreciate it too here I got the feeling they had split personalities or some other mental issues.

Anyway, it was rather intersting but not very well written story. And the main villain Oct 04, Becca Finn rated it it was ok. I really, really wanted to like this book. It had unique species, mpreg and other reviews said that it was humorous. I thought I would like it. However the entire book had waaaaaay to many contradictions, Absolute Perfection. For example, Taza at one point says how much he really always wanted to try out human underwear.

But later in the book he wishes that he had worn some of the underwear that Astika had tried to foist on him. The POV switching got confusing and the story in general felt far too disjointed fo I really, really wanted to like this book.

The POV switching got confusing and the story in general felt far too disjointed for my liking. I am disappointed because it had so much potential. Mar 10, Det rated it it was ok. It took me a long time to finish this sooo 2 stars and that's for Taza. Jan 31, Gwengwel Absolute Perfection it liked it Shelves: theme-m-pregromance-mmspecies-shifters-otherstheme-twink-femmeboygenre-fantasysexcontent-mmbook-yaoi.

I'm not sure how to rate this book. It's cliche, not really developed, ridiculous by some aspect The bigger problem it's that I clearly had the impression that this book was part of a larger universe or series that was not published or that it's a fanfiction of a obscure manga. What surprise me it's that, even when Astika and Taka are caricatural I love them and I found myself cheering for them. Not a bad book, just not excellent. Jun 25, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: need-to-re-readmay-have-read.

I started remembering the book almost immediately and found my second reread just as sweet. That describes this book perfectly - sweet and a little goofy. If your in the mood for a little light hearted fluff then read this book for a smile.

I personally wish it had another 10, words and the story could have really become much more interesting. May 23, Elske rated it really liked it Shelves: m-mparanormal-shapeshifterrereading-favs.

I absolutely adore that they didn't fall in love immediately! That there was actual progress in a relationship, not oh my mate I shall love you from the moment I set eyes upon you. That being said, I felt that the end portions of the book were slightly rushed and could have been played out better. Still a great book, very little grammar issues and a fun read all around. Jul 04, Candice rated it liked it Shelves: fantasyhumor. I struggled at first because even though I read paranormal books, fantasy ones with sort of mythological creatures was hard to get into, but once I did it was an enjoyable read, humorous in parts and I liked how the relationship between Astika and Taza developed and grew.

Sep 18, Toni U. Loved it. This book was a riot right from the beginning But it did lead me to wonder If a seahorse shifter male had sex with a human female, could they both get pregnant? Dec 19, Sol rated it it was ok. The writing in this made my eyes bleed, the plot was almost nonsensical but still it was funny and the characters and their interactions were very entertaining.

Disappointed at the lack of actual mpreg tho. Mar 31, Ayanna rated it liked it Shelves: lmao-whatreviewedsquint-who-the-hell-are-you. It was certainly I think I still liked it, though. I think? Dec 23, qx rated it liked it Shelves: have. Feb 10, blub rated it liked it. Jan 09, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: fantasym-mm-pregabuse-dub-non-conroyalty-noble. I think this is the strangest book I've ever read MPREG and then some.

Nov 08, Nightcolors rated it liked it Shelves: ebookglbtparanormalshapeshifters Mar 28, L. Layale rated it did not like it. This had the potential to be a good story, but it wasn't. It was so shallow and I hated both main characters. The only criticism I have is that it was sometimes confusing as to who's perspective it was at certain times.


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  7. Absolute Perfection has it all sex, action, and preternatural creatures. The author did such a phemonal job in creating the story. From start to finish I enjoyed the tale wishing it didn't end. I recommend this book and plan on re-reading it in the future/5.
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