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Then we rigged and animated our characters using Character Animator, we composited it in After Effects, and then we edited of course in Premiere, the flexibility and inter-connectivity of Adobe software allowed us to create this show at a pace that is not only unheard of in animation, but it was unheard of to do under the constraints of a pandemic, so there are many people to thank for the success of this show.

Another thing that was really great for us is, the team who developed, the team at Adobe who developed Character Animator, I mean they were always very open and gracious to get on the phone with us, to help us work through tech issues, to talk to us about the best hardware and software to run the program on. Like this show was also very much driven by our pre production process, there was lots of pre prepping and planning and a great deal of time was devoted to designing characters and understanding the guard rails of their actions and the surrounding world, and equally important was the time spent on prepping the characters to be rigged, creating props, and designing backgrounds, so pre production planning was even more crucial considering how we had to unexpectedly pivot the entire show and work from home because of a pandemic.

So, this was an extensively collaborative effort between our writers, and designers, and compositers, and animators, and editors, and production, and IT, and even Quibi themselves, so investing this time added both to the story as well as to our ability to later move through the production process quickly. It just was timing, right? Leveraging Adobe Character Animator and the other Adobe products along with just having a large group of people, all invested in getting through this in the safest, and most productive, and most creative way possible.

All of those things combined is what really drove the success of delivering the show. There was no fix it in post. This was such a tight schedule, and there was so many things happening in parallel, that it had to be really well planned, the communication had to be really tight, and we all had to be in sync, from Quibi as a buyer and Attn: as a production company, to move through the workflow process and the production process.

Speaking of Quibi, obviously the highlight feature of the platform is the whole rotating thing. Were you using auto-reframe for that? In cinematography, obviously, you kind of just have to shoot a really wide frame and then think of it in sort of intersecting rectangles, Cristalle (Short Original Version).

I assume an animation you can just design the set or whatever to fit that aspect ratio? How have you tackled that? You know it was really tough, and we used a combination of techniques, I guess another tool that I would hate to leave out is Frame. IO, was really important in putting this together and it really allowed us to view the frames of animation in both vertical and horizontal at the same time.

Which was hugely helpful for the team in comping and planning out where everything was going to be and how its colors were gonna show up. Whether you had your phone in vertical position or horizontal position.

IO, how those frames would play out in both vertical and horizontal was extremely pivotal. How is that scene set up? It does get moved around a little bit so I would say all of the above. How do you see the future of that coming around? Because you guys are on the bleeding edge of aggressive working from home, you know. I think I feel a future world, and animation gets a little tricky right?

Because, animation can be done in a number of different ways, there are a lot of teams that work remotely internationally, right? So they communicate across the board, across the cloud, and I think more and more things are moving that way, and I think a hybrid world is absolutely a real idea, a real concept that companies should be planning for and wrapping their minds around if they are not already doing it.

It really shows up when it is time to kind of celebrate, getting through our milestones. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy.

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The base is a similar light woody musky chypre affair but with oakmoss turned down low to modern tastes while white musk and a wisp of cedar do most of the talking. Sillage is moderate but longevity is a bit of a problem unless you use this as a before-bed fragrance. Cristalle Eau Vert is really the summer to the original Cristalle's wintery gaze, and a good complimentary flanker that doesn't smell redundant next to the original nor like an abuse of the name.

Die-hard vintage perfumistas will likely hate this anyway just because it isn't keyed to the impossible expectations that arise from waiting three decades to make a flanker, but anyone looking for a Cristalle (Short Original Version) and friendlier scent to compliment their Cristalle or even Chanel No.

I wouldn't call this my favorite by a long shot but I respect the work done here, and my only real grudge is Cristalle Eau Vert not being stronger or at least coming in a parfum but knowing Chanel, that would result in an entirely different experience. Testing Cristalle Eau Vert should be easy, as it seems this gets put out on counters more than the original due to the style more or less being in vogue for 21st century green florals.

Thumbs Up. Redneck Perfumisto Show all reviews United States. Chanuary Nine. Advertisement — Reviews continue below, Cristalle (Short Original Version). I love this one! So you can imagine how disappointing it is to me that it lasts but only for very briefly. I inquired about EdP concentration but in Holt Renfrew Toronto the sale assistance at the Channel counter didn't even know that this version of Cristalle existed.

I find CEV unisex and so soothing but also so alarmingly short lived. Genre: Green Floral What fool decided that Cristalle needed a flanker?

Side-by-side comparison reveals that Cristalle is much more herbaceous, more galbanum-tinted green, than this misbegotten stepchild right from the start. My advice: just wear Cristalle and avoid this misguided effort. This is a very fresh, clean Chanel EDT which has become my baseline signature fragrance.

It is perfect for "making it your own", a rather uncomplicated, linear fragrance with a soft, underlying floral warmth magnolia in the drydown. I love adding a touch of gardenia oil; it fills out the white florals beautifully, especially for evening wear.

I have layered it with other white floral oils, other lotions and I have also used deeper bergamots, all gorgeous combinations. Often, the best combination is no combination, which is how I usually wear it. I think it is quietly sophisticated; it doesn't Cristalle (Short Original Version) out, it just lets people subtely know you are there. Chanel's scents are often associated with older or more mature women, but this EdT is definitely ageless.

It opens with a strong citrus smell, mostly lemons, but the bergamot is definitely there as well. The citrus is clean but not chemical. The dry-down is where the surprise comes. After a slightly sharp opening, it softens into a lovely, extremely feminine floral. Magnolia dominates. While quite sweet, it is not cloying. Just a few spritzes in the morning sees me straight through the afternoon. I would say it's a warmer weather scent, although I've been wearing it in winter as well. It somehow succeeds at being both clean yet sweet.

Lisa DP Show all reviews. I see no resemblance to Cristalle, a Chanel creation which I do not like. But Eau Verte is beautiful, fresh and so summery. Another reviewer called it "a heat beater" and Cristalle (Short Original Version) is exactly what it is.

It Cristalle (Short Original Version) quite one dimensional to me - but that's ok, with summery grab range I don't demand a huge range from my perfume. The most notable notes are of course citrus, jasmine and something I can't yet place I need time and more wears, having only recently purchased it. I definitely got a clean soapiness, but not of the supermarket shampoo variety. Eau Verte has great projection and lasting power and I think that a special kind of fellow could actually get away with wearing it too.

Stale celery leaves Well if you like musty old celery leaves then this definitely is for you. Jujju Show all reviews. My favorite This reminds me of daisy and I really love this Cristalle. Show all reviews. Wonderful citric composition that smells much like Bel Respiro, but slightly heavier.

This is a real fresh and green fragrance and it's wearable by both men and women. Definetely a must have for summer days! Sillage, lasting power and projection are medium.

This is an easy to wear, heat beater of a fragrance, that is done is typical Chanel style. They seem to be able to take even the most simple fragrance, and somehow make it classy. Tart and bright effervescent citrus is cooling and soothing, with lemon being the main star. The florals are diluted and soft, but not without thought and merit - it is a clean jasmine and maybe a faint magnolia which uses a hint of the opening lemon as part of it's charm that form the core of this fragrance.

It does not last that long on me, about 4 -5 hours, but it does it's job beautifully. This could easily be a summer staple for anyone. I agree entirely with the lemonade reference zvoncica made previously. Lemon is certainly a dominant note, however the note isn't sharp or sour, rather it's a sweetened, almost candy-like, softened lemon note. Cristalle eau Verte is refreshing like a cool breeze on a beautiful Summer's day.


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  2. What is the meaning of Cristalle? How popular is the baby name Cristalle? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Cristalle.
  3. CRISTALLE Eau de Parfum Spray Ref. $ Add to bag. CRISTALLE Eau de Toilette Spray Ref. Exclusive. starting from $95 Add to bag. CRISTALLE EAU VERTE Eau de Toilette Concentrée Spray Ref. Exclusive. starting from $
  4. I'd take the original Cristalle (even with it's swampy leather drydown) over eau Verte any day because the original Cristalle has tons of personality and character, especially in the magnificent opening. Just skip it altogether and stock up on the original Cristalle or buy some vintage Chanel No 19 or Parfums de Nicolai Temps d'Une Fete instead.
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  6. Download Cristalle by Viframa at Juno Download. Listen to this and millions more tracks online. Cristalle.
  7. Although only one of them is set in the s, namely the eau de toilette original version, the s eau de parfum edition is also popular and perhaps blurs the lines most between simple freshness and ripe enigma; if the citrus burst of the eau de toilette is a sunny but still crisp morning, then the more floral chypre leaning of the eau de parfum is late afternoon when the warmth of the sun.
  8. BEST ANSWER: Cristalle Eau De Toilette Spray is the original Cristalle fragrance that was released. Please know that Cristalle Eau Verte was later released as a more green interpretation of the Cristalle fragrance. Reply; Inaccurate; Kandis M Staff on Feb 1,

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