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Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms

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Power begs to inlorm the Coraposers of Music, and Music-sellers, that he is the only person authorized by Messrs. Longman and Co. I, Absence written by Thomas Campbell, Esq. Scenes of my Childhood written by Mrs. Cornwall B. Wilson, 3. Duett and Chorus Mozart 1 La ci darem b muno Duett I 0 Voi che sapete Mozart. Adieu, at day-break A fare wel I! A youth sat sighing Banks of A linn Water Be gov f be gay! Be sure that a amort little maid Bi II of fare Black and bl ue eyes 1 t Blighted rose Bold is the maiden's heart Bosoms who conquer'd and bled.

Horn Stevenson. Ditto r. Stevenson s. Cease your funning, AVu Edition. Ditto Cooke Dandy beau Cooke. Dear aunt. Expost ulution Fair as the Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms light. Fair lady, why this frowning F air Rosa t Fanny, dearest F anny was in the grove Fare thee well, thou first and fairest! Farewell, Bessy!

Friend of my soul From glorCa Heights descending. Good night tin, sweet enchantress! LiviuSt Esq, Cooke. Parry Moore Kelly T. Parry Burns. Love wd find out the way Turnbull Moore Moore Little. Maid of the rock Mitl Rabbinical origin of woman. Ray that beams for ever Remembrances.

Return, my love. Soft Zephyr tl41P 1itSoldier, rest! Doyle. Moore Kelly Mrs. Me MuiUtn. Think no arore, love, of. When from fhy sight, love. Winds, whisper gently. Sittieiuon - Stevenson Think on me. Lord Bvrghersh Flute Aecom j.

J' Cooki. Metzler 1 Sonata. Hurp aad fi d. Nd cor piu non ini sento Pastoral RondS? Holder a. L4 Glow di Glow. Cooke ; Go where glory waits thee Cotri. Gelitrek 0 La Belle Heijriette Holder Hummel l Pria che rVmpcgno Turnbull2 without aecomps. Metzler fCooke. Ye ic and corrected Edit ion t with. Elute and Violoncello AccompatUttunii, ; 5. Henry the Fourth, with accompaniments for J.

Bride of AWdoe Kelly mmt. All in the dork B, Livius, Esq. Conquest of Taranto Kelly Successful Cruise. O l 0 Ditto, No. U Ries Do, with Accomp. Little Book I. Harp and Piano-Forte. Hilton Hon rc , Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms. Stm-flower, the from the Irish Melodies. Three Waltzes, Harp and Piano-Forte Ditto We 1 re a 1 Noddin Chipp s.

Power takes the Liberty of announcing to the Public a Work which has long been a Desideratum in this Country. Though the Beauties of the National Music of Ireland have been very generally felt and acknowledged, yet it has happened, through the Want of appropriate English Words, and of the Arrangement necessary to adapt them to the Voice, that many of the most excellent Compositions have hitherto re- mained in Obscurity.

But we are come, I hope, to a better Period both of Politics ami Music ; and how Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms they ore connected, in Ireland at leuat, appears too plainly in the Tone of Sorrow' and Depression which cha- racterizes most of our early Songs.

The Poet who would follow the various Sentiments which they express must feel and understand that rapid Fluctuation of Spirits, that unaccountable Mixture of Gloom and Levity, which compose the Character of my Countrymen, and Km deeply tinged their Music.

Even in their liveliest Strains we find some melancholy Note intrude, some minor Third or flat Seventh, which throws its Shade ns it passes, and makes even Mirth interesting. If Burns had been an Irishman, and I would willingly give up all our Claims upon Ossian for him, his Heart would have been proud of such Music, and his Genius would have made it immortal.

However, notwithstanding all these Difficulties, and the very little Talent which I can bring to surmount them, the Design appears to me so truly National, that 1 shall fee. PrinlfHl by W. PAGE Oh! Father, send not hence my bark. And givn the Saint one rosy simTe, She ne'er had left his lonely isle isle. Senanus, which is taken from an old Kilkenny MS. According to Dr. Ledwich, St. IIOW r dear to me the hour when day-light dies. And sun-beams melt along the silent sea ; For then sweet dreams of other days arise.

And, as I watch the line of light that plays Along the smooth wave town! I long to trea d that golden ts: path of rays And think 1 two uld lead to some bright isle of rest!

Thoughts come as pure as light. Pure as even you require; But oh! Yet let me keep the book ; Oft shall my heart renew, When on its leaves I look. Dear thoughts of you! Like you 'tis fair and bright ; Like you, too bright and fair To let wild Passion write One wrong wish there! Haply, when from those eyes Far, far away, I roam, Should calmer thoughts arise Towards you and home, Fancy may trace some line Worthy those eyes to meet ; Thoughts that not burn, but shine, Pure, calm, and sweet!

A And, as the records are, Which wand 'ring seamen keep, Led by their hidden star. Air — Utiknmim. Bid her not shed one tear of sorrow To sully a heart so brilliant and light ; But balmy drops of the red grape borrow, To bathe the relic from morn to night. Revive its soft note in passing along, Oh! But when some warm devoted lover T D her lie adores shall bathe its brim, Oh! And hallow each drop that foams lor him. Long may the fair and brave Sigh.

Rest to each Rest S'. Dark falls. IIOW oft has the Benshce cried! Peace to each manly soul that sleepeth I Rest to each faithful eye that weepeth!

Thou, on whose burning tongue Truth, peace, and freedom, liung. Am — Gary one. Who but sips of a sweet, anti then flies to the rest, And, when pleasure begins to grow dull in the cast, AVe may order our wings, and be oft' to the west ; But if hearts that feel, and eyes that smile, Arc the dearest gifts that Heaven supplies, AVe never need leave our own Green Isle For sensitive hearts and for sun-bright eyes.

In France, when the heart of a woman sets sail. On the ocean of wedlock its fortune to try, Love seldom goes far in a vessel so frail, But just pitots her off, and then bids her good-bye! Zr x TV. When to E w ve. Which that hour left upon Eveleens fame. The clouds past soon From the chaste cold moon.

Air — The Red Fox. LET Erin remember the days of old, Ere her faithless sons betray'd her. Ere the emerald gem of the western world W as set in the crown of a stranger. On Lough-Neagh's bank! T-T-l 1 r rSLlent,oh Moyle! Air — Arrah, my dear Eveleen. Break not, ye breezes! While, murmuring mournfully, Lira lonely daughter Tells to the night-star her tale of woes. When shall the Swan, her death -note singing. When will Heaven, its sweet bell ringing, Call my spirit from this stormy world?

Sadly, oh Moyle! When will that day-star, mildly springing. Warm our isle with peace and love? When will Heaven, its sweet bell ringing, Call my spirit to the fields above? Air — We brought the Summer with us. L COME, send round the wine, and leave points of belief To simpleton sages and reasoning fools ; This moment's a flower too fair and brief To be wither'd and stain'd by the dust of the schools.

Your glass may be purple, and mine may be blue ; But, while they are fill'd from the same bright bowl. If he kneel not before the same altar with me? From the heretic girl of my soul shall I fly, To seek somewhere else a more orthodox kiss? To be wither'd and stain d. The J. Air — The Black Joke. Oh, Liberty! Then, ye men of Iberia!

Breathe a hope that the magical flame, which you light, May be felt yet in Erin, as calm and as bright ; And forgive even Albion, while, blushing, she draws, Like a truant, her sword, in the long-slighted cause Of the Shamrock of Erin and Olive of Spain! God prosper the cause!

Its devotion to feel and its rights to maintain ; Then how sainted by sorrow its martyrs will die! The finger of glory shall point where they lie ; While far from the footstep of coward or slave, The young Spirit of Freedom shall shelter their grave Beneath Shamrocks of Erin and Olives of Spain! Am — My Lodging is on the cold Ground. And thy cheeks tmprofaiTd by a is is not while beauty and youth are thy owni And thy cheeks.

Senanus and the Lady Nay? VI II. Mitas, Rose, 4 c. No, I. Welsh The Crystal Hunters. Portuguese No. Lhe B otds hy 1 homas Moore, itsy. With Symphonies and Accompaniments by C. Ditto 1 F ly to t he desert, Ba lad Ditto ,. Absence written by Thomas Campbell, Ksq. The Worda by Charles Hallett, Esq. Le Vail hurt Troubadour Saiivan Partaiit pour la Syrie 1 0Cdlut qui sut toucher mou cm ur. To be continued. Mozart1 0 Cara fa o Mozart.

Be gay! Be sure that a smart little maid Bill of fare. Cease, oh! Fair as the rooms light. Fair lady, why this frowning? Fanny, d earest 1. Mnorc. Hope told a Battering tale. Love, honour, and obey! My life, I love like!. Oh ljfit unto my tale of Oh! Nanny, wilt thou gang Oh! IM Oh 1 would t ne'er had seen thee! Plumed casque Poh! Pretty Sophy P robuhi Ei ty 4. Irish Air. Soldier, rest!

Siveet is the beam of morning Sweet is the dream Sweet lady! Sweet Rose, come away! Tarry, ye momenta i. Me Multan. Thy gentle maimers, Whence can you inherit When Charles was deceived. When the girl of my heart When the rose-bud nf summer When time, who steals. When twilight dews. Whilst on the beach I w ander White rose of honor Who would not love? Why cornea he not Wilt thou say fa new el 1, lore?

Winds, whisper gentl v Flowers in the east Heave one sigh. Ditto- 1 1, Parry Send home those long strayed eves',Sliou td we be forced to partSnog of war l Sparkling fountainsP. Surprise, Tdl me where is fancy bred? While parted from the youth I love. Wine to cheer Would you gain by art?

M, Harris. I ti King I tf Stevenson A broken cake Stevenson P Lord Burghersh. Stevenson Happy love Ditto Merrily 0 1'. Lord Burgher sh. Lord Burghersh. Hmceli. Cease y our fun nm g Glow di Glow. Go w litre glory waits thee Corn.

H a rmonioua Blacksmith new edition Ilandel. Holder tli. Flute accompaniment. Flute accomp. Little t. L'Oiseau de Venus. Parry w. Ditto, No. Hilton House Miss Dibdin Hummcli. Sun-flower, the from the Irish Melodics. In presenting the Third Number of this Work to the Public, Power begs leave to offer his acknowledgments tor the very liberal patronage with which it has been honoured ; and Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms express a hope that the unabated zeal of those who have hitherto so admirably conducted it will enable him to continue it through many future Numbers with equal spirit, variety, and taste.

The stock of popular Melodies is far from being exhausted; and there is still in reserve an abundance of beautiful Airs, which call upon Mr. Moore, in the language he so well understands, to save them from the oblivion to which they are hastening. Power will be much obliged by the communication of any original Melodies which may have escaped his research, and which are worthy of a place in this Selection.

Gristed by W. Captain Magan Thamama Hulla Heigh ho! Like the bright Lamp Oh! It is not the Tear at this Moment shed Tis believed that this Harp The tone of defiance, succeeded by the languor of despondency — a burst of turbulence dying away into softness — -the sorrows of one moment lost m the levity of the next — and all that romantic mixture of mirth and sadness, which is naturally produced by the efforts of a lively temperament, to shake off, or forget, tlie wrongs which lie upon it : — such are the fea- tures of our history and character, which we find strongly and faithfully reflected in our music ; and there are many airs, which, I think, it is difficult to listen to, without recalling some period or event to which their expression seems peculiarly applicable.

Sometimes, when the strain is open and spirited, yet shaded here and there by a mournful recollection, we can fancy that we behold the brave allies of MontrOsef? Clarendon owns that the Marquis of Montrose was indebted for much of his miraculous success to this small band of Irish heroes under Macdonnel.

The associations of the Hindfl Music, though more obvious and defined, were far less touching and characteristic. They divided their songs according to the seasons of the year! But the terms of this eulogy are too vague, too deficient in technical accuracy, to prove that even Giraldus himself knew any tiling of the artifice of counter-point.

Indeed the irregular scale of the early Irish in which, as in the music of Scotland, the in- terval of the fourth was wanting ft must have furnished but wild and refractory subjects to the harmonist.

Observations on Florid Song, chap. May there not be a little pedantry in adhering too rigidly to this rule?

Shield, in his Introduction to Harmony, seems to intimate that Handel has been sometimes guilty of the same irregularity. Beauford, which is inserted in the Appendix to Walker's Historical Memoirs. Beau ford could so mistake the meaning and mutilate the grammatical construction of this extract is unaccountable.

In profiting, however, by the improvements of the moderns, our style still kept its originality sacred from their refinements ; and, though Carolan had frequent opportunities of hearing the works of Geminiani and other masters, we but rarely find him sacrificing his native simplicity to ambition of their ornaments, or affectation of their science.

In that curious composition, indeedcalled his Concerto, it is evident that he laboured to imitate Corelli ; and this union of manners so very dissimilar produces the same kind of uneasy sensation, which is felt at a mixture of dif ferent styles of architecture. I must again observe, that, in doubting the antiquity of our music, my scepticism extends but to those polished specimens of the art, which it is difficult to conceive anterior to the dawn of modem improvement ; and that I would by no means invalidate the claims of Ireland to as early a rank in the annals of minstrelsy, as the most zealous antiquary may be inclined to allow her.

In addition, indeed, to the power which music must always have possessed over the minds of a people so ardent and susceptible, die stimulus of persecution was not wanting Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms quicken our taste into enthusiasm ; the charms of song were ennobled with the glories of martyrdom; and the Acts against minstrels in the reigns of Henry VIII.

Having thus adverted to the principal objection which has been hitherto made to the poeti- cal part of this work, allow' me to add a few words in defence of my ingenious coadjutor, Sir John Stevenson, who has been accused of having spoiled the simplicity of the airs, by the chro- matic richness of his symphonies, and the elaborate variety of his harmonies.

Through many of his own compositions we trace a vein of Irish sentiment, which points him out as peculiarly suited to catch the spirit of his coun- try's music; and, far from agreeing with those critics who think that his symphonies have no- thing kindred with the airs which they introduce, I would say, that, in general, they resemble those illuminated initials of old manuscripts, which are of the same character with the writing which follows, though more highly coloured and more curiously ornamented.

In those airs which are arranged for voices his skill has particularly distinguished itself; and though it cannot be denied that a single melody most naturally expresses the language of Feeling and Passion, yet, often, when a favourite strain has been dismissed, as having lost its charm of novelty for the ear, it returns, in a harmonized shape, with new claims upon our in- terest and attention ; and, to those who study the delicate artifices of composition, the construction of the inner parts of these pieces must afford, I think, considerable satisfaction.

Every voice has an air to itself — a flowing succession of notes, which might be heard with plea- sure, independent of the rest ; so artfully has the harmonist if I may thus express it gavelkd the melody, distributing an equal portion of its sweetness to every part.

Dublin, Jan? Jilt IN, OH. The full noon of Freedom shall beam round thee yet. Camb, de Mirabil. Is like the gloomy gnome, That dwells in dark gold mines : But, oh! J7 t Air — Kitty Tyrrel, I.

But, alas for his country! A i it — Oonagh. The day had sunk in dim showers, But midnight now, with lustre meek, Illumin'd all the pale flowers. I feel there is hut oneOne Mary in the world for me! In the Entretieris d? Aristeamong other ingenious emblems, wc find a starry sky without a moon, with the words Non milkquod ahsens. The maiden herself will steal afoter it soon!

WHEN daylight was yet sleeping under the billow. And stars in the heavens still lingering shone. The Melody, in its original form, may be seen at the end of this Number. May we pledge that horn in triumph round! In slum -her cold at f. Nor wake - — nor wake at Victory! Air — Thy Fair Bosom.

And lightning shew'd the distant hill, Where those, who lost that dreadful day, Stood few and faint, but fearless still! When all but life and honour's lost? We Iiave but to make love to the lips we are near l II. Twere a shame, when flowers around us rise. Then, oh! Am — J once had a True-Love. They slander thee sorely, who say thy vows are frail — Had st thou been a false one, thy cheek had look'd less pale!

They say too, so long thou hast worn those ling ring chains! That deep in thy heart they have printed their servile stains ; Oh! WHEN through life unblcst we rove. Why should Feeling ever speak, When thou canst breathe her soul so well? That once was heard in happierhours.

That once was heard in happier hours. His Loves are evn more false than they; Oh! Mis Oh! Hence it came that this soft Harp so long hath been known To mingle Love's language with Sorrow's sad tone. Cecilia, published some years since, by Mr. Hudson, of Dublin. Fell o. L — Price J5. Ear ewe ll! Has Sorrow thy young Days shaded? Bells of St, Petersburg Hark! II, — -Price 1 2s. Ditto Gaily sounds the Castanet Languedocian My harp has one unchanging llierneSit'fdijA Oh!

Scotch Then Fare thee well Venetian When Love was a Child Swedish When thou ehalt wander. Venetian Go now and dream Sicilian Here sleeps ike Bard German When through the Piazetta. Wilson, 2 0 3. Sou van e. Ditto5. I D Butti hatli o bet Ditto. Mnzurt 1 Q Di piucer mi tjalKA il cor.

Rossini ij 0 rinl MnnMllP. Duett JUozort. Cnu I iignin that form caress? Edit ion. Come, tell me, says Rosa. Did not? Fly, fly away Fly from the world, O Bessy! Bishop 2 O Khilntark. I 0 Kelly. Lie in s t Esq. I Moore 2 T, M. C'larke Hark! Kelly 1 can no longer stifle. I G Killy of Coleraine. I G Cooke. Oh J never from the maid depart. Oh l remember the lime. One dear smile Ontor Pu ff Orphan boy. O softly sleep! Sola. Cooke. Steven s on Moore.

King T. SmithStevenson Kelly Moore Horn Kelly. Send the bowl round merrily Soft breezes breathing Mf t tlt Soft Zephyr Soldier, rest! Spanish patriots. Sweet refill cer - Tablet of love. Tarry, ye moments. Stevenson Moore StevensonDr, Clarke Kemp. They bid me sleep Think no more.

Thou hast sent me a flowery band Thy gentle man nets To Julia, weeping. Toll not the bellf To the brook and the willow. U hen a man iveds W lien Charles was deceived. When love was fresh from his cradle. When woe the bosom of mercy While parted from the youth Whilst 1 listen to thy voice Whilst on the beach f wander.

Who would not love? Why cornea he not William and Jan nett , Will you come to the bower? Wilt thou say farewell, love? Woodmnnbt cot. Horn Atfivood Stevenson Opie. Stevenson, Kelly Moore. Stevenson Stevenson Ditto. StevensonKelly Ditto. King 2 Catherine Lady C. Stewart, 2 Chieftain.

M Stevenson. O din na weep Our first young lore Peace! Together let us range the fields Turn to this heart, Wfik thee, my dear, Warrior's soul is all in arms! Wine to cheer. I lark! Holy be the pilgrim's sleep 1 mark'd not eyes. Stevenson Aloore. Wood nymph Lord Burg her sit Smith. Violin Accomp. Flute Accomp. Jansenit 1 La Gavotte de Vestris, Flvite accomp.

Lady Fair O Pescator del I 'onda. Tyrolese Air. Mi lame. Coil fan tuttVw. Licius t Esq. Somerset P. IL Little 15 ft Little 0 Book 1. Harp and Piano-Forte He finds it necessary to make this avowal, not only for the purpose of removing ail blame from the publisher, but in consequence of a rumour, which has been circulated indus- triously in Dublin, that the Irish Government had interfered to prevent the continuance of the Work.

It is needless, therefore, to add, that there is no truth in the report ; and we trust that whatever belief it obtained was founded more upon the character of the Government than of the IVork.

The Airs of the last Number, though full of originality and beauty, were perhaps in general, curiously selected to become all at once as popular as, we think, they deserve to be. The Public are remarkably reserved towards new acquaintances in music, which, perhaps, is one of he reasons why many modem composers introduce none but old friends to their notice. Indeed, Three Waltzes: Skye Boat Song / Highland Cradle Song / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Chatms is natural that persons, who love music only by association, should be slow in feeling the charms of a new and strange melody ; while those, who have a quick sensibility for this enchanting art, will as naturally seek and enjoy novelty, because in every variety of strain they find a fresh combination of ideas, and the sound has scarcely reached the ear, before the heart has rapidly translated it into sentiment.

After all, however, it cannot be denied that the most popular of our national Airs arc also the most beautiful ; and it has been our wish, in the present Number, to select from those Melodies only which have long been listened to and admired. Bury-street, St. James's, Nov. Printed by W. The Old Woman St. Cean Dubh Delish I r tracdj Stilt lingfVinjr haunts the greenest spot On memory s waste!

Aib — The Old Woman I. Which first love trac'd ; Still it lingering haunts the greenest spot On memory's waste! M Air — St. Patrick's Day. THO' dark are our sorrows, to-day well forget them. And smile thro' our tears, like a sun-beam in showers ; There never were hearts, if our rulers would let them. We must light it up now, on our Princes Day.

Contempt on the minion, who calls you disloyal t Tho' fierce to your foe, to your friends you are true ; And the tribute most high to a head that is royal, Is love from a heart, that loves liberty too. While cowards, who blight Your fame, your right, Would shrink from the blaze of the battle array ; The standard of green In front would be seen.

And shew what the arm of old Erin has in it. The gem may be broke By many a stroke, But nothing can cloud its native ray ; Each fragment will cast A light to the last. And thus, Erin, my country! Major Bryan, last year,at his scat in the county of Kilkenny. But hearts fell off, that ought to twine.

Air — The Song of Sorrow, I. Am — Nora Creina. But no one knows for whom it beaineth ; Right and left its arrows fly, But what they aim at no one dreameth! Sweeter 'tis to gaze upon. My Nora's lid, that seldom rises; Few her looks, but every one, Like unexpected light, surprises! Oh, my Nora Creina, dear! My gentle, bashful Nora Creina! Beauty lies In many eyes.

Lesbia wears a robe of gold. But all so close the nymph has lac'd it, Not a charm of beauty's mould Presumes to stay where Nature plac'd it! Leaving every beauty free To sink or swell, as heaven pleases! Y es, my N ora Creina, dear! My simple, graceful Nora Creina! Oh, my Nora Creina. It what they aim at no one dreamelh! My geiutle, bash. With modest murmur glide. Nor seem to know the wealth that shines Within their gentle tide, Mary!

Kevin stole to sleep. Fearless she had track'd his feet To this rocky, wild retreat ; And when morning met his view, Her mild glances met it too. Sternly from his bed he starts, And with rude, repulsive shock, Hurls her from the beetling rock. Kkv in, whose bed in the rock is to be seen at Glendalough, a most gloomy and romantic spot in the county of Wicklow.

Saint Kevin stole to sleep. Here, at least! Ah the! Where- so- eer the Saint would fly. Still her eyes before him burna. Still, her! Ala — Open the Door. Am — Dennis, don't be Threatening. NAY, tell me not, dear! The bowl but brightens my love for thee! VERS E. By the red cloud that hung over Conor's dark dwelling b. When UladV three champions lay sleeping in gore — By the billows of war which, so often, high swelling, Have wafted these heroes to victory's shore!

We swear to revenge them! Yes, monarch! The treachery of Conor, king of Ulster, in putting to death the three sons of Usna, was the cause of a desolating war against Ulster, which terminated in the destruction of Eman u This story says Mr. Whatever may be thought of those sanguine claims to antiquity, which Mr. Air — The Yellow Hone. That, my love, I '11 be to you! That 1 U be to you, mv dear!

That III be to you, my dear! Faithless brooks will wander. Should sip and kiss them, while they may sip and kiss them, while they may. Do not disturb our calm, oh Love! Love stood near the Novice, and listen'd. Love now warms tlice, waking and sleeping, Young Novice! Each billow, as brightly or darkly it flows, Reflecting our eyes, as they sparkle or weep. But pledge me the cup — if existence would cloy. With hearts ever happy, and heads ever wise, Be ours the light grief, that is sister to joy, And the short brilliant folly, that flashes and dies!

Indian Dost thou remember?. French 'Tis when the cup is smiling. Italian When the first summer Bee. The Words by Thomas Moore, Esej. ClarkeOh! Abaence written by Thomas Campbell, Eaq. The Words by Charles Hallett, Esq. Rovedeno, price 5s. Ah Perdona, Duett T t Mozart Duett and Chorus Mozart. Trio w. A farewell i. Ah l me, why should I heave the fond Ah l say, lovely Emma!

Alice of Fyfe. A medley. Stevenson Be sure that a smart little maid Black uud blue eyes Moore. B I lighted rose. Stevenson Bishop Kelly 1. I Chain and lute Walmisley 2 Chapter on pockets. Duuriv beau Dear aunt. Dear Fanny Dear ladies, listen to my tale. Deep in my soulDid not?

Disasters of poor Jerry BlossomDoes the harp of Kosu dumber? Donald, neto edition Kelly 2 Cooke Fly to the desert. Kelly B. Parry, Moore. Moore - Parry, Heath, this night, must be my bed.


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