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Patrol 17 - Dismember - Hate Campaign (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Patrol 17 - Dismember - Hate Campaign (CD, Album)
Label: Regain Records - RR 067 • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered Digipak • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal

Most of the songs on here musically were moderate tempo-based, however, they vary, Patrol 17 - Dismember - Hate Campaign (CD. They chose to experiment with sounds and melodies. The bulk of the guitars focus on a lot of bar chords with some intense tremolo picking. They really did include a mixture of slow, medium and fast riffs, but mostly eyed to get their music across by using a lot of chords and palm muted riffs. This by far is not even as near as intense of their earlier material, but it's still good.

Just the reissue bonus tracks are the only beef I have against them. If it were just the LP itself, then I might've given it a little higher of a rating. You get quality music on here, it's just not your totally typical release of theirs. Are you still in doubt? Well, my advice would be to YouTube the album before you do anything else.

Don't go Patrol 17 - Dismember - Hate Campaign (CD what other people rated or reviewed from the album positive or negative, go by what you hear on YouTube, then you'll conclude if it's something that you'd want a physical copy of theirs.

I chose to get the physical copy because it's Dismember and I liked what I heard before from this album, so I decided to buy it. Even though they disbanded, they left a great many releases in the metal community with their contributions to it musically. I think that no one should leave 'Hate Campaign' out of their discography, I say trust my words and what you hear on YouTube.

It's worth it! For a band that has more than shown their capabilities with the incredible Like An Ever Flowing Stream, Dismember sure aren't that consistent. Many of their later releases suffer from filler and re-hashes of the same ideas found on that legendary work to the point of stagnancy. However the band still manage to make their quality visible when they aren't just content with plagiarizing their own work. Every album following their awe-inspiring debut has at least one track worth speaking about but the one that takes the silver medal within their discography would be 's Hate Campaign.

The album captures Dismember at their fastest and angriest and is easily the best album they put out since Like An Ever Flowing Stream. All the traits that made their debut so solid are back Album) scintillating form on Hate Campaign. The guitar work is fast and furious, the drummer goes barbarian on his kit with the conviction of Conan, the bass is quick and bludgeoning and the vocals are as aggressive as they get.

The songs are short and intense with the average time being around the three minute mark and in this period the band unleashes Hell. The riffs on Hate Campaign pack a real punch to them with a guitar tone that has a Patrol 17 - Dismember - Hate Campaign (CD of bite to it. When the band are not thundering along with tremolo picked lines, power chords and pinch harmonics are the main course in a manner similar to that of Cryptopsy's None So Vile.

As soon as the brief spell of senseless noise that opens Suicidal Revelations ends, the guitarists release some of the crunchiest riffs in their catalogue upon the listener's ears. One of the riffs to this particular song will give fond memories of one particular riff from At The Gates' Blinded By Fear only a little more technical.

This is an area the band vastly improved on for this album. Whereas Like An Ever Flowing Stream and many of their other albums were not particularly complex in the guitar department, the band has stepped their creative freedom up to make some more intricate riffs that stand out. Whilst this is no Whisper Supremacy in technicality it sure has a lot more to it than the band's previous album.

The vocals are one of the more astonishing features of this album due to the vocalists insistence on making every word more than intelligible. The lyrics are not overly thought provoking but the force behind the vocal work keeps you interested.

There is a little hardcore influence in the vocal performance with the bellowing nature of them and yet the vocalist maintains a low pitch to his voice throughout. The speed that this album moves along at is also really rather amazing.

For much of the duration of Hate Campaign, Dismember thunder along at a thousand miles an hour, only stopping for the more groovy moments of songs such as Enslaved To Bitterness to keep some variety to the album.

The band's insistence on retaining one speed almost exclusively is something that really works in the album's favor as it feels consistently heavy and intense and knocks the wind from your lungs.

The tremolo picking and blast beats may get a little tiring after a while but they sure as hell give this album a frantic feel to them. The one major problem with Hate Campaign is that it ends on such an underwhelming note. Whilst the pacing gets a little dull toward the latter half, it at least kept the album feeling furiously angry.

When one hears the bass solo that opens up the closing song and the groovy riff that follows they would be forgiven for thinking that the longest song has potential to be the best. Then the band seemingly throw the song down the drain with the worst verse riff on the album and one of the worst riffs they have ever written. There is no place on Hate Campaign for such a dull and snooze-inducingly slow riff as the one in the verse to the title track. It then takes it until the extended solo at to actually leak one decent moment.

Even the solo to this song really isn't all that special however as it feels restrained to keep in time to the droning pace that the song seems determined to be trapped in.

The band could have let the fantastic In Death's Cold Embrace finish the album off. That would have been the best choice with its marvelous display of lightning fast pace, but they had to add in five minutes of pointless garbage. Hate Campaign was a solid effort from Dismember albeit one that feels anti-climatic due to the piss poor closing track. Had the title track been cut then this could arguably rival the legendary Like An Ever Flowing Stream as the best album the band has put out.

Sadly it feels like a case of close, but no cigar. For quite a while I bought into the hate for Hate Campaign. All Dismember could do was pump out another album with another batch of Dismember-tinged death metal, a few of which becoming stapes for the pages of history. With such quality present, it pains me to see this album get no real praise. This of course is all circumvented if you dislike the compositions themselves, but dig the makeup of the material.

Otherwise, all elements are there for another slab of meaty, elite Album) death metal. All the songs here are straightforward in one way or another, and short enough to clock this album at around a half an hour. In terms of flow, this album ranks up with the better half of the already masterful catalog of Dismember. Thus, even the most melodic parts of this album are incredibly catchy and captivating. Any Dismember fan thinking less of this must be out of their mind.

After good albums, sometimes it happens that a band goes down a bit in songwriting or in terms of power and this is more than normal in my opinion.

The inspiration can go a bit away and the ideas could be a bit more common, but the music here is always vicious and brutal. A thing must be said for the songwriting and is that here we cannot find all those more melodic influences any more. Yes, some more catchy lines can be found but the general idea was to conceive a far more brutal album than the ones in the recent past. Also Death Metal album featured less melodic overtures, pointing more on the violence and the speed once again.

Massive Killing Capacity was slower and with more influences from the growing melodic death metal. As always, nothing to complain about the production that is still strong, clean and massive. The drums and the guitars are always fast and sharp like razors and this time also the vocals are higher in volumes, a thing that lacked a bit on the previous albums.

The rage of this band is uncontrollable and this opener is always well-balanced with melodic solos and passages. This is easily the best song here. The refrain is well stuck and the instruments are truly relentless. There are not binding sections and also the riffs seem not that complete. The vocals are always strong, fast, suffered and restless.

They are not bad at all and they are always vicious blows but something is missing in terms of ideas and style. They are heavy as anvils but with no great ideas or astounding solutions.

The band plays very well in precision and impact but the riffs are a bit weak and we can find fillers too. For many fans of Dismember, their music is some of the best old school death metal ever to come out of Sweden and anywhere else for that matter.

So razor edged and piercing in fact, they sounded like they could have been choice weapons of any serial killer, expertly crafted for the most choice of all bloodbaths. The production was so top notch and everything came together so well, that the album soon became a staple of the death metal genre. Dismember had quite the pair of shoes to fill with their next releases. They needed to keep their approach to the murder craft of death metal fresh and clean, otherwise they would become sloppy.

Thus Dismember, more than many bands in the genre, had quite a weight upon their shoulders. This was the feeling when "Hate Campaign" was released. When "Hate Campaign" begins one immediately notices the change in front man Matti Karki's vocals. They are not nearly as passionate and hateful as they were before. They sound like a serial killer who is getting tired of his craft but still feels forced to do it. Overall, this is the most unfortunate part of the album. At the same time however, Karki's vocals are still, even here, much better than some of the vocals I have heard in recent death metal releases.

The passion is still there- somewhat, but the hatefulness just isn't, as can be viewed in the lyrics. Lyrically, the band seems to have run out of ideas, and the misanthropy that once fueled their anger seems to have disappeared. As a result, a good amount of the pure emotion that once drove their previous releases is gone.

The vocals never really recover either and as a result serve as the biggest disappointment. View full artist profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Add artwork View all artwork. Length 13 tracks, Release Date 17 January Related Tags death metal swedish death metal metal old school death metal Add tags View all tags.

Tracklist Sorted by: Running order Running order Most popular. Buy Loading. More Love this track. Play album Buy Loading. Bloodhymns Necrophobic 13, listeners Play album Buy Loading. Scrobble Stats? What is scrobbling? Artist images 53 more. Dismemberlisteners Related Tags death metal old school death metal swedish death metal Dismember was a Swedish death metal band formed in in Stockholm, Sweden. They stopped in They are known for having a distinctive "chainsaw" guitar tone courtesy of the Boss HM-2 Pedal and recording and mastering at Tomas Skogsberg's Sunlight Studios.

Accordingly, while authorities were inspecting Nuclea… read more. Dismember was a Swedish death metal band formed in in Stockholm, Sweden. They stoppe… read more. They are known for having a distinc… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. All Things Hyped: Last. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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  1. Sep 28,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Hate Campaign on Discogs. Label: Nuclear Blast - NB ,Nuclear Blast - • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal/5(89).
  2. Hate Campaign is their most polished and their best album from a techn. standpoint. Fred Estby did a good job mixing this album and the drums really stand out to me, but of course Estby is their drummer. Sharlee D' Angelo (also of Mercyful Fate) puts out a fine .
  3. Listen to Dismember Radio featuring songs from Hate Campaign free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Hate Campaign. Dismember. Share. Stations that play Dismember. Jazz World Class Jazz. FRISKY Radio. Patrol Dismember. Thanatology. Dismember. Bleeding Over. Dismember. In Death's Cold.
  4. 'Hate Campaign' is a slower album here rhythmically, but I still think that it's quality. particularly in songs like “Enslaved To Bitterness,” “Patrol 17”, and the title track. That majestic slant would make these songs the more melodic on the album, but Dismember never forget that they’re a death metal band, and sounding feeble.
  5. Jan 17,  · Hate Campaign Dismember. Released January 17, Patrol 17 Lyrics. 8. More Dismember albums Dismember. The God That Never Was.
  6. Jul 29,  · Studioalbum von Dismember Hate Campaign ist das fünfte Album von Dismember. Tracklist.
  7. Sep 21,  · The seventh song from Dismember's Hate gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo! Lying still on a snow covered field Watch the enemy through my sight Single column seen from .
  8. Their seventh album The God That Never Was was somewhat of a return to form for the band, but the album bridging the two, ’s Where Ironcrosses Grow, usually gets passed off as Hate Campaign pt. 2, or another ‘miss’ on Dismember’s part.

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