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This prevents odors, makes the material easy for the worms to find, and discourages pests. Worms also like it if you start feeding in one spot and, at the next feeding, bury the food in a spot next to it. Gradually work your way around the bin. This makes the migration to the new food faster. You should feed the worms a quantity they can eat in approximately 2 to 3 days.

Wait until they have made good progress on a feeding before adding more. If you are producing more than they can eat, put the extras in the freezer or refrigerator. Eventually, they may reproduce and be able to handle larger and more frequent feedings. If you keep rabbits, you can use worms to break down their manure.

Make a safe home for red worms directly under a bunny hutch. If you are not using worms to break down the compost, this ratio is very important. It helps speed up the rate of composting, and prevents foul odors. When you set up your worm bin, you added plenty of brown materials as the worm bedding shredded paper, coconut coir, pure peat moss, etc. Every once in a while, you can throw in a handful of egg shells. Rinse them and remove any egg whites stuck to I Need Your Love (G-Round Mix) shell.

Then, crush them and stir them into the worm bin. The care and feeding of vermicomposting worms is not rocket science, but it takes a little discipline.

Collect suitable scraps in a container on your kitchen counter or in the refrigerator. Pick out any meat, oils and banana peels. Great tips! I keep my worms outdoors here in Zone 6. They live in a bottomless box that rests right on the ground.

I bought worms from you guys several years ago and they are still thriving! Two things that also have worked great in my system has been shredded Autumn leaves and dampened cardboard ripped up into small chunks.

I layer browns and greens, focusing on filling the whole box if possible. I simply harvest once a year in the Summer. The amount of worms kept going down in amount. I had 4 bins, then I divided them into 8 containers, hoping they would grow. I never heard of feeding eggs what kind of eggs reg chicken? I followed you video, but after 3 months the wlrms have all died. I keot them in our garage, where the temperture is nice. About the only thing that will kill your worms as long as you are feeding them, is letting them get too dry.

The soil in your worm bed MUST be kept very damp at all times. I have been composting with 7 trays for about three years now, and it is fun. One comment made in this article really surprised me. I have found some foods that the worms just love, and one of them is banana peels. I of course avoid feeding them onions, citrus etc.

When I put a banana peel on top of the tray, the next day I will find a huge ball of worms camping out underneath it and it will be eaten rather quickly. Interested in any reply you might have received? The main problem with banana peels is the worms keep slipping on them this of course is very funny but may cause permanent injury. You are right — worms love banana peels. If you have an indoor composter, the smell might be overpowering.

Enjoy your worm bin! Thanks for your comments, Jim! Actually, banana peels are great outdoors. Some folks like to compost indoors and we find that banana peels are too malodorous.

We clarified this in the blog post. My worms also love banana peels. I put all my worm food through the blender before adding it to the bins, and my worms have grown from 1 box to 4. They started to become overrun with mites a while back, but I removed the cardboard, set them in the sun for a few days with the lid off and the problem fixed itself. You recommend no banana peels. Are banana peels bad for worms? Or is it because they just smell bad? Banana peels are fine outdoors.

If someone is composting indoors, the smell of banana peels might be too much. Thanks for your comments! I have several bins now with wigglers and supers, I feed them peels all the time. Hello James, thanks for your question. Actually, outdoor composters take banana peels just fine. We have gone back and clarified this in the blog. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I am also surprised by the no banana peels, I give my worms lots of banana peels, they go crazy for them and I have no problem with any smell.

Yeah, we agree, banana peels are fine outdoors. Thanks for your comments and good going! As an FYI, my worm compost bin is in my basement and I feed the worms once per week. I have, at times, fed them almost solely banana peels and my bin does not stink, so perhaps it is also impacted by the amount of compost left in there and other factors.

I divided my worms and now my mom has a healthy population in her basement bin. One question, though. The worms seem to despise her potato peels. Can you think of a reason why they would snub potato peels? JT — sorry for the confusion — peels are great outdoors and the worms love them.

We should have said they are too stinky for indoor composting. Actually, we went in and updated this in the blog post, thanks to these comments. Enjoy your composting! This newsletter was especially informative: add specific grains; reminder about shredded paper.

After four years my 3-tray indoor worm farm is thriving. I collect appropriate foods, stick in the freezer until enough to put through a large food processor, bag in Ziplock, put into freezer. I have a ready supply of food; just thaw overnight and feed. Worm tea is frozen in 8 oz. Once had black flies from a plant brought into the house. Coffee ground diet for worms! Now, I include some grounds in some food bags, egg shells, no flies.

BUT, the spigot is leaking! Remove and clean? Advice, please. I have fed banana peels since day one with no problems at all, although I freeze all my worm food before feeding it to the worms,then I thaw it out and feed it to the worms. My original order of two thousand worm are still going strong after three years. I use a Worm Factory with five trays,I feed all sorts of fruit and vegetable matter,no citrus,onions, or hot peppers.

Lewis — thanks for your update. You must be doing something right if your worms have been happily surviving for 3 years!

Banana peels are perfect outdoors. The blog post should have said that banana peels are too malodorous indoors, I Need Your Love (G-Round Mix). We have gone back in and clarified this. As long as I bury the banana peels as I do with everything that I add to my bins, I have never had a problem with odor even when adding banana peels to indoor bins.

The worms love them, and I would take those off of your list of things to avoid. One thing I would add to your list to never add to worm bins is tomatoes… worms will even avoid the green stems from tomatoes which are too acidic.

I ordered my worms nearly nineteen months I Need Your Love (G-Round Mix). Initially I started with a 50 gallon tote, venilated the top and installed two computer fans in the I Need Your Love (G-Round Mix) with screens to protect the worms should they get on the inside of the top. The fan helps keep the shredded paper on top dry and has stopped any rogue worms from trying to crawl out. I use about eight 8 inches of machine shredded paper on top of the coconut coir and top soil mixture.

I started with worms and have no idea how many there are now but they appear in softball size clusters around the scoops of food burried in the dirt. I think they have multiplied but have no way to know for sure. I keep the temp at the recommended range 40 — 70 degrees F. This will last three to four days before I add another. I grind the food briefly in a juicer or chop it fine with a Pampered Chef food chopper.

That goes for peels, fruit, egg shells, core, vegetables, dry leaves, coffee grounds, etc. Either method works great and there is no food left to mildew or rot. A very informative booklet comes with the worm factory. There is constantly eggs everywhere in my bins. I do bury them in the bins. My bins are indoors in my basement but there is no smell when I feed banana peels.

Love my worms! I have a worm factory and have a happy farm, seems to be going well. I bought a worms to start, half red wiglers and half night crawlers. They were the same size as the red wigglers about 2 inches long and skinny. They seem to be about the same size 3 months later.

Is this normal and at what point TimeWise should I expect them to be large enough to use for fishing bait on the hook??? My second question is that I was told that coffee grounds stunt the growth of worms. I was told that they do love them but if I wanted to see larger worms, to cut out the coffee grounds. Is there any truth to that??? My worm farm is getting HOT! It sits on the basement floor and the temp down there is 65 degrees.

But I notice the center being too worm so I stuck in the thermometer and to my surprise it was 90 degrees down in the center. What I am doing is freezing blocks of aluminum and swapping them in and out. Some worms did crawl along side the aluminum to cool off but I know this is only a temporary solution. My guess is I am feeding them too much and it is rotting. I did get it too wet for a while, I dug out some of the center but this system is only 6 weeks old starting with worms.

If your compost bin is getting too hot, one easy method for cooling it down is freezing your compost materials food scraps and putting them in your composter. This will help with the heat and it also breaks down the food faster. My tray was getting very warm also when I first set it up with the coconut coir. After 3 months I have moved them into newspaper, leaves and some cardboard which seems to stay wet longer than the coir.

My worms are in the garage where it is very hot in the summer. I switch out frozen gel packs and water bottles 3 times a day. I also on occasion try and fluff up the bedding but I have found the wet paper does not get hot. I also freeze cut up food along with banana and the peels.

All food is buried under the paper in the center of the top tray. Thank you Uncle Jim this has been a great business so far for my family to start. Your mix of red worms, has been very effective in my compost of home scraps. I sometimes dehydrate banana peels, sometimes freeze and defrost, several times.

I use frozen in ice cube trays, veggie mush, liquid from watermelon… it last in freezer forever. The worms you have sent to me I am sure have doubled. I think adding over ripe avocados will be no issue at all to a worm compost bin. Glad to hear your worm farm is going strong! I have a medium tote with air holes cut into it. I started with the usual mix of newspaper, peat, shredded cardboard, autumn leaves, and shredded paper.

I put in warms purchased from you. They love coffee grounds, egg shells and especially avacado. They have been going strong for almost a year with no problem.

Recently I put in a couple chopped up bell pepper scraps and the tops of 2 onions. This may have put them over the edge because a few have been trying to escape!

Ant to be. We Are Cold City Instrumental. Cold City Crew. Rodney O. Original Spirit Original Mix. John Jastszebski. Bonheur Original Mix. I Love Someone Original I Need Your Love (G-Round Mix).

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