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A.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download A.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD)
Label: AVTechNO! - AVT-6661 • Format: CD • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Dubstep, Electro House, Techno, Drum n Bass

Vocaloid Alice Human Sacrifice ends on a very creepy chord. Dark Woods Circus itself ends with the sound of an ominous cymbal, and horse hooves. The scream at the very end of Guilty Verse can be pretty startling. The song seems to trail off normally, only to be punctuated by a shotgun blast, followed by the metallic ring of an ejected shell hitting the ground. Somehow the merry little "ting!

The Pete Seeger anti-nuclear song "Odds on Favorite" is creepy to start with, talking about how God designed a universe with built-in obsolescence, then gets more cheerful—for a while. Classical The last three bars of Mozart's "A Musical Joke" are in a polytonal jumble of five different keys.

Haydn's Surprise Symphony has a nice peaceful melody, but is then rudely interrupted by loud, accented notes. Haydn did it to wake up slumbering members of the audience. He was known as a prankster, and this is one of the many jokes in his pieces. Here it is on Youtube, for those of you who enjoy your spines 1 inch out of proper alignment in the vertical direction. Haydn's Farewell Symphonywhile not a nightmare ending, is pretty disconcerting.

The last movement ends with the musicians, one or a few at a time, quietly leaving the stage, with the final part played by just two violins. This was Haydn's hint to his patrons, the Esterhazy family, that his orchestra's stay at their summer palace had gone on for too long and that they would really like to get back to their families. Tom Turpin's "A Ragtime Nightmare" is actually a very cheerful upbeat ragtime work despite the name, best known for its use in the Good N' Plenty commercials of the 60s.

But the last chord sounds like a bunch of random keys hit at once, but you can tell it wasn't because it's pure dissonance. A sharp contrast to the pleasant tune known for its use in candy commercials. The first section, Night of the Electric Insects, features multiple screeching violins playing loudly then softly then loudly again.

It's Nightmare Fuel that will keep you up at night. Not to be listened to while reading the Nothing Is Scarier section. Maurice Ravel's Bolero can come across as this. The last time the melody comes in, it is stronger, with much of the orchestra playing the theme, or counter melodies that seem wild.

In some recordings, this section comes across as significantly louder. Some of the stated counter melodies also change the chords to dissonant ones. The song is major until then. Then the instruments become uncontrollably pitched and distorted, up to the point that the entire song sounds more like TV snow.

Another gentle instrumental, it is interrupted about halfway through by a manic laugh. This laugh then repeats at precise intervals for the rest of the tune to the fade-out, and beyond Genuinely un-nerving. They also had "11 Mustachioed Daughters", rather unnerving all the way through, but ending with some After the song ends, there are 10 minutes of silence followed by 6 seconds of backwards drumming, guitar feedback, and Al screaming at the top of his lungs, after which, the song ends.

According to Al, this "most annoying 6 seconds of audio ever recorded" was meant to scare the listener if he or she forgets toturn the CD player off. This snippet is called "Bite Me". This was a parody of "Endless, Nameless" by Nirvanawhich came on about 10 minutes of silence and was, essentially, 6 minutes of cacophony.

Bungle's "Pink Cigarette" is an uncharacteristically pretty, doo-wop influenced ballad Of course, the lyrics seem to be a husband's suicide note to his cheating wife, so Bungle's music being nightmarish as is, After School Special is an only somewhat eerie song about a kid talking about his abusive parents. The track ends with a horrifying metallic rustling sound and a distorted mutant child-like voice giggling repeatedly saying "Stop tickling me" and then "Why are you touching me?

The first song, "Quote Unquote", is about a cocaine addict who has no arms, no legs, and lives mostly in his own doped-up fantasies. It gets worse. Other Categories. Advertising Early commercials for Verizon's Android offerings started with Mo Zella 's upbeat, "It's Magic" to parody iPhone commercials, switching midway to a much darker theme, to establish Droid as more serious operating system.

Said cover begins with a melancholy wail, but that alone is not nightmarish and therefore not even one of the cases of "First note Nightmare". However, some versions of the commercials use such an opening as their endingthus not only coming off as mildly scary, but also just plain sad.

And then as a coup de grace, the song ends with a slightly eerie echo and an image of Yujiro looming over Baki. The song is a creepy carnival theme that fades out into a rather loud eerie note. There's a version of Pachelbel's Canon in D on disc 2 of the " Evangelion Symphony" album that is completely normal. Considering the popularity of the piece, your mind tunes it out as background music The track "Honeymoon with Anxiety" Fuan to no Mitsugetsu from the End of Evangelion soundtrack is a cool bit of music that ends with an unsettling And then from Rebuild 2.

You know, that wonderfully sweet little song that was playing when EVA 01 ripped 03 apart with Asuka inside while Shinji begged his father to turn off the Dummy System. It's wonderful and sweet, but on the soundtrack, we get a weird little Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has lots of character songs that start out happy, then turn Actually, the line before that is "Yes, Hinamizawa", which is a reference to another character song that featured Keiichi and Mr.

So, it was probably more of an "Ah crap, wrong lyrics" thing. It's a silly nonsensical rap mainly consisting of phrases from the anime And it's played for laughs. At the very end, you can hear Keiichi over the phone saying very quietly "Please, someone end this case", with a.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD) last word being cut off as soon as he says it. Then you hear a quiet scream. It's a goofy scream, but The anime gives us its own soundtrack and the track "Oyashiro Sama".

It's already creepy on it's own, but its creepiness has a musical pattern Absolutely nightmarish and fits the anime incredibly well. The song itself is a rousing anthem about how awesome the Gatchaman team is and how they're going to defeat Galactor and save the day Russia's version of Marukaite Chikyuu appropriately has the character singing the chorus cute as anything until his "Kolkolkol" chant comes out of nowhere, and then just goes right back into being cute again before you have the chance to process the horror of what you just heard.

It also didn't help this was the first time the fans actually heard the chant. Then of course, there's the part where his voice dips to a deeper, not-so-much-cute-as-menacing tone as the end of the third repetition of the chorus. Then there's the ending of his character song Winter, where there's chanting for the last roughly 40 seconds, and grows louder when the music itself ends. His Hatafutte Parade starts to be this trope too with some surreal echoing, but he stops and screams about Belarus at the last second, acting as Nightmare Retardant.

School Days : Kanashimi no Mukou e is hardly a happy song; it's moody, depressive, almost heartbreaking. But when it's almost over, a very ominous and slightly out-of-place drum music starts playing This song is inspired by School Days.

I mean, the song is entitled "Nice Boat. Misa's song from Death Note. It starts out slightly creepy, then evolves into a very heart warming songonly at the end, the piano begins playing a goosebump inducing minor chord. The lyrics also hint at Misa's suicide at the end of the series. Every episode of Ghost Hunt ends with a last note nightmare. After the slow, eerie ending song, a sudden burst of maniacal piano starts playing, then a voiceover Mai warns us about the next episode.

Instead of finishing the triumphant ditty, it hangs and turns into something quite the opposite. Repeated with Alien vs. Predator Requiem. Something similar happens in Speed 2 Cruise Control. The grand opening music of Star Wars ends in a dark ominous tone once the narrative text begins to fade. The full theme continues the dark theme, and switches tempo and timbre several times before ending. Anakin's Theme is sweet, soft and innocent except in the last part which we hear the notes of the Imperial March.

In Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factoryone of the many variations of "Pure Imagination" plays as the boat starts down the chocolate river, then when it enters the psychedelic tunnel, the music appropriately turns ominous. Also occurs earlier in the film—the final note of the upbeat "Candyman" is off key. A milder, but still significant example: At the end of West Side Storythere is a touching reprise of the song "Somewhere," but just as the scene is ending and the music is calming down, dissonant, deep chords start playing in the background The soundtrack to The Wicker Man is a great find as it includes all the Celtic folk songs featured in the movie, including the classic round "Sumer Is Icumen In," which is sung by the townsfolk at the film's climax.

It takes a turn for the horror however when that track on the album ends with Sargent Howie screaming, "Oh, God! Oh, Jesus Christ! Two words: " Withnail's Theme. The instruments are creepy enough as is, but the ending was edited to sound like the CD was scratched, for a very strange effect. There's also the other version on that soundtrack, in which David Bowie is singing along very nicely until the last word, which is about a million decibels louder than the last song, accompanied by an intensely creepy swell of music.

Not only does it end with 4 scare chords, sad music can simultaneously be heard playing as well. The opening theme for Star Trek: First Contact is a warm, slow and dramatic one, a.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD). Then as it fades into silence The screen fades to black, an after 20 seconds of silence, Peter Pettigrew's eerie theme can be heard. Sure to scare a few.

The Chamber of Secrets' theme ends with no less than four Scare Chordseach when you think that the piece is ending. The opening to Star Trek while you watch the Vanity Plates starts with a warm horn-and-strings combo a slow variation on the main theme. Roughly 40 seconds in, you see the Bad Robot vanity plate which is a bit creepy while the music lets a little dissonance pop in.

About 55 seconds in, the music just slams and cuts off—right as the movie begins. The fact that Rob sounds a lot like Tom Waites doesn't help.

The end credits piece from the Jurassic Park soundtrack. It starts out with the epic Island theme, then transitions into a soft, gentle version of the main theme. However, it ends on a rendition of the rather unsettling Raptor theme.

The theme from Poltergeist is a soft, pleasant tune with children singing Not that surprising when you consider the source material. Instead of having the violins play the last note, it's done by an organ. Live-Action TV Doctor Who had this in "The Pandorica Opens", when The Doctor is sealed in the pandorica, a beautiful score begins playing and swooping, then the camera zooms out and shows the universe exploding.

And the music suddenly stops Just as the Master and the Time Lords disappear back into the Time War in The End of Timeand the Tenth Doctor thinks he's somehow managed to avoid his own prophesied demise, we hear four knocks, and the chords played by the strings appropriately fall apart and gliss down with tons of dissonance, mirroring the Doctor's own sinking realization.

Happens in Lost a few times, most notably at the end of the episode where Aaron is born. Lost ' s soundtrack is full of these. They can be rather jarring when you're listening to an emotional piano piece, only for it to end with some creepy twinkling followed by a loud brass note. Especially seizure-inducing if you're listening to the song at night in bed and do not expect the ending.

The song "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" on the Cabaret Broadway Cast Recording is already kind of creepy since it's intentionally made to sound low-quality and distorted. Then it stops and the MC harshly whispers the last two words. At least they give you a few seconds to brace yourself. The song "So Happy" from Into the Woods starts out nice and happy Then there's the blood-curdling scream that occurs after you've think the song has faded out.

Something similar occurs with the bouncy, romantic "It Takes Two" abruptly switching to "Stay With Me" which opens with a blood-curdling scream! Stephen Sondheim loves this trope. Also from Into the Woodsthe witch's version of "Children Don't Listen" after Rapunzel's death is a flowing albeit sad song.

The last note ends with the witch's voice breaking causing the song to go very sharp. It begins with a melancholy and gory description of war-wounds, switches to an upbeat tune about "beginning to kill", then reprises the first verse. The last number from A Chorus Line"One", is a joyful and optimistic song throughoutbut the final four shrieks of the word "one" over a terrifying major chord take the cake. Definitely something you don't want to be listening to with headphones. In the show, the whistle blows every time the title character kills someone - there's no such siren-like sound in songs without Sweeney Todd.

Most of the victims have no lines, so the audio recording provides no warning for the shrieking whistle. That Sweeney is slitting throats casually while singing about other things adds to the nightmarish quality of the recordings.

Software The Vocaloid song "Alice Human Sacrifice" is a rather creepy parody of carnival music - which ends with the music getting slower and slower, and then just one note that is creepily off key.

See what I mean? At the song's end, a few bars start to play from the sequel song, "Servant of Evil", until they're brutally cut off by a terrifying, realistic guillotine sound. Literal Last-Note Nightmare, there. It's not as bad in this upload because of the ending credits, but on the version that can be found on [DYE] -synthesis-the sudden stop is the last thing you hear on the track.

Video Games Cave Story ' s main theme manages to do this, even though it's used as looping level theme music in the Plantation area. It plays the very upbeat main melody twice in a row, to trick the listener into thinking the entire song's just a second loop. As it starts to play for the third time, a dissonant counter-melody emerges—the song gets as dark as the Retraux soundcard lets it, eventually grinding to a halt before restarting.

It makes more sense when you consider the place where this song plays in-game Eversion ' s World X-8 theme is very creepy and filled with Psycho Stringsbut there are no surprises and it's actally quite calm. Then the music slowly fades out All of a sudden, there's this really loud, startling drum. It's hard to describe, but really creepy. In the secret "Revenge" ending of Silent Hill 3the "Silent Hill Song" ends with the singers being shot to death with a machine gun.

It's actually kind of funny, because of how ludicrous and over-the-top that whole ending was. Silent Hill 2 : The end of the track Null Moon fades down to the chime chords, then the instrument shifts to an ominous tone in the last couple of phrases. Much of the music in Endgame: Singularity sounds like this; it starts out one place and goes somewhere else entirely.

This holds particularly true for the music that plays when you win, which starts out something like the twilight zone theme and somehow manages to get more chilling.

Spelunky has the moderately cheerful background music trick you into a.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD) it's just an endless loop like the title and boss music. Then, at the 2 minute mark, the music plays backwards for a second or two and then proceeds to play normally again, except that it's much lower, much slower, and bizarrely warped.

You WILL jump five feet into the air the first time you hear it. With such an utterly bizarre warning music, it makes you wonder why they need an ultimate invincible enemy coming in at to encourage you to hurry up. The song from the End Credits of Resident Evil 4 springs to mind. As the song starts, it's a pleasant recap of how village life used to be when everything was pleasant. And then the Plagas show up. You mean this one.

Oddly enough, while most of the Game Over themes in general are horror, this one starts off pretty wellregardless of how melancholy it is. It originally shows various scenes of Clock Town and its inhabitants, with a peaceful-sounding rendition of the Clock Town theme playing in the background. But at the last 30 seconds, the scene shifts toward the Skull Kid and the falling moon in the night sky, and at this point the Clock Town theme starts to blend into the ominous theme of the Skull Kid, before transforming into it completely.

A definite change from the simplistic yet cheery demo of Ocarina of Time the previous N64 Zelda titlereflecting this game's comparatively darker atmosphere. Even worse is this remix of the Final Hours theme, which takes an already Nightmarish piece and, somehow, turns into Awesome Music.

Despite that, it does revert back to its hellish origins during its last few moments, wherein the music and the Clock Tower bell in the background suddenly shifts into grainy, distorted feedback, then gradually grind to a halt, simulating the moons imminent impact with Termina.

Their final notes really capture the Uncanny Atmosphere the village now has Lullaby" which is basically what it sounds like - a calm music box tune. The version you hear sung in the coffee shop is normal, but then when you bring the CD home it's a case of Last Note Nightmare; the song goes for about 2 minutes before suddenly devolving into four screechy notes and then abruptly cuts off. Then starts looping the pretty music box tune again like nothing happened.

A certain note from the normally calm and quiet song that plays at 11 PM in the original Wild World for the DS and City Folk for the Wii use a different soundtrack has a similar effect, as well as the unexpected during the first time hearing it and bizarre sneezing sound effect in K. Cruisin' though the latter doesn't have this effect for everyone. The abrupt transitions are heart-quickening no pun intended and can be slightly nightmarish: it begins with a mild little score, suddenly picks up tempo and sounds like montage music, and THEN suddenly becomes all-out battle music complete with a choir that has a similar effect to Ominous Latin Chanting.

And the entire piece is under a minute long. Then again, stop for a moment and consider the situation in which the song is used. Everything in the song, from start to finish, is Awesome Music duh and builds up - and perfectly synches to - the war sequence go to the article for The War Sequencethe pic shows the exact instant in which said "Last Note Nightmare" occursmaking it full-fledged as the caption for the image in The War Sequence says, "BRING IT!

Pac-Man World 2 features a boss fight called "Pinky's Revenge. But atit totally breaks down, with blaring Psycho Strings and sudden hard percussion as the whole thing turns absolutely horrifying. It gets a little Narm -y when it starts using Stock Sound Effect muted-trumpet hits later on, but overall it's quite scary. Doom has an excellent example. At the end of the game, you're teleported back to Earth after fighting through the legions of Satan and the fires of Hell itself, treated to a scenery shot of a frolicking meadow before noticing that the demons got here first.

The music reflects this. While the entire song is basically a funeral march, the song ends with a loud, piercing train whistle. It also starts with that same whistle; the ending is the first few seconds of the song, slowly fading out. Even people who know to expect it are jolted by its sudden intrusion. The lyrics are actually an attempt at Latin, not done all that well. They're something about "lighting a torch in this darkest of hours. That is, until it ends off with a Last Note Nightmare that makes people think their souls are being sucked out.

Speaking of Touhoutwo particular remixes of "U. Owen Was Her? Then you remember that this is Flandre's theme DRR you say? Kirby The Crystal Shards. The "bad" ending that you see if you don't get all of the crystal shards is a nice, happy, appropriately victorious song It's a rendition of the classic Gourmet Race tune, and it plays exactly as you'd expect it to Inversion, aka First Note Nightmare: in Ray Crisisthe song "Vit-Symty" has a rather ominous intro, before changing into the usual techno-jazz style, then at its end, it becomes Awesome Music epic trance tune.

Played straight with another Raycrisis tune: two thirds of the way through "Son Dessein", the music starts to fade out, but then a screeching Scare Chord cuts in, followed by a darker piano tune with said scarechord repeating periodically.

It gets scarier when it changes again to a weird tribal beat and ominous strings. In Halo 3the last movement of "Black Tower" starts with a series of ascending Ethereal Choir notes, but then the choir switches to a tear-jerking dirge-style tune, which is the music heard during Cmdr.

Keyes's death cutscene. Similarly, "Roll Call" begins with a triumphant remake of the Halo title theme, followed by a medley of "Farthest Outpost" and "Under Cover of Night", but the last movement is a sad piano and strings tune, similar to the Easter Egg music "Siege of Madrigal". Apparently to underscore Master Chief's absence from the "roll call", and his presumed death.

Then last, but not least, there's "Legend", the Legendary bonus cutscene music, which starts off the a peaceful drifting music similar to the opening scene, transitioning into Psycho Strings before abruptly ending with this.

BTW, the title is Latin for " before the flood ". It opens with a gorgeous piano solo, then it goes into awesome Amano rock. Then it makes out like it's going to end on a repeat of the piano solo Victims of Science's "The Device Has Been Modified" is, like most things involving Portalis both unnerving and hilarious all the way through. But after it fades out, wait a few seconds. Are you still there?

BLARGGGHH This remix of a song from Doom ' s soundtrack basically keeps the same tone as the original song, which is more quiet and mysterious than anything else, but at the end the song begins to rather literally break down and some unidentifiable but hellish noise plays in the background. Most versions of "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII have the instrumental break segue right into "Veni, veni, venios" the creepiest part of the song, but okay if you have buildup to it.

However, a new release of the Advent Children version on iTunes kicks it up a notch. The instrumental segue fades into another instrumental, this time a reprise of the verse and chorus that is almost corny. Then it ends, or so you think. In Scratcheswhen quitting the game before finishing it, you are taken to a rolling credits screen with a soft piano music, at the end of it there's a very unsettling Scare Chord.

The Donkey Kong Country series' Nightmare Fuel page cites the death-against-K-Rool music to have been cut from a game with so much Nightmare Fuel, no less because it was too scary.

The Last Note Nightmare trope is the exact reason behind that. The worst ending in Myst III: Exile starts with the return to Tomahna theme just like two of the other endingswhich is a soft wind-instrument piece. Bt then it's interrupted by a violent, percussion-heavy Scare Chord right when your character is hit and killed from behind by the Big Badwho then goes onto likely kill Atrus and his family. In the official soundtrack, this piece is appropriately titled, You've Been Followed.

The final boss music for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The song looping comes with blaring klaxons. In the mirror section of Amy's Twinkle Park stage, the music initially starts out as cute, quiet, and innocent Then the music seems to take a darker turn, becoming much more tense, you can also hear a child laughing for a brief moment.

The victory music can be quite chilling. While not entirely a Last Note Nightmare, because the transition happens only a third of the way in, the Team Fortress 2 Engineer's a.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD) More Gun qualifies. The song a.vy.than - AVTechNO! - Desperate (CD) out as the pleasant guitar riff Taken from the Wilco song "Someone Else's Song" that the Engineer plays throughout his Meet the Team video. Athowever, the song quickly changes gears, with a sudden shift from major chords to minor ones, with a louder, deeper and more ominous guitar riff overshadowing the original and a low, foreboding trumpet playing backup.

Insanely popular indie game Minecraft actually features one of these. In the record "11", all that can be heard is the sounds of what could be a man loading a gun, or simply shifting around in his chair. For the most part, it's a quiet song, devoid of any music and comprised absolutely of ambiance. Near the end, however, the music abruptly shifts to the man walking down a path, then breaking into a run. As the music builds, we hear some type of inhuman noise roar at the man before it abruptly cuts out, switching to a soft beeping noise before going completely silent.

It gets coupled up with Heartbeat Soundtrackas it is incurred by Alex 's heartbeat slowing down to a stop via "Drink Me" potion. In The Path"forest theme" sounds perfectly soothing and calm in-game. But when you listen to it in the soundtrack, the last two minutes end with a rasping screeching echoey voice screaming repeatedly "and I will eat you! Also the in-game version of "the girl in red" ends with a disconcerting staticy scream overtake the whole song. Listening to it after the rest of the sickeningly adorable songs multiplies the effect to Serial Escalation levels.

And yet it somehow becomes even worse when used for the "Jade: Wake Up" Flash update. Midnight Syndrome. Shuffle Shifting. Take to Lips. Grimoires Double as Blunt Weapons. Beyond Traditions. Innocent Mind. Blue Moon. With Triangle. Planar Portal. Black Parrot. Forbidden fruit. Wheel of Fortune. Gusty Girl. Bravy Girl. Cranberry Head. Moonlight Windia. Sky High. Romantic Romance Romancer. Gate of Forbidden. Black lily princess. Orange Cat. Doppel [All Parts]. M other. Season 4 you.

MY Heart Rate. Two of Us. Karakuri Watercolors. Lotus Love. Sunny days. The end of the world. Beautiful Imitation. The Situation is Fluid. Light Speed. Flowerhythm Light. Dreamy Noise. Tekito Daybreak Slack Daybreak. Batti Koi Riddim. Game is Over. Here and there. Dive to the Dream.

No Grudge Any More. Feast the night away. It can be unlocked from the song store for 5 sound medals. This version's entrance includes the original "Zanarkand" and is succeeded by a dynamic entry of a heavy metal arrangement of the original song, with lyrics by Alexander O. Smith and performed by Japanese tenor Tomoaki Watanabe credited as "Mr.

This arrangement was later included at the concert series " Tour De Japon " in This version of the theme introduces previously unheard variations into the, otherwise simple, central melody. A live recording of "Zanarkand" from at the London premiere of the concert of the same name on February 15,conducted by Arnie Roth, is included on this album.

It is a techno dance arrangement composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. August 1, File:To Zanarkand. Trouble with the audio sample? Final Fantasy X.


Nicolette - Wicked Mathematics (Vinyl), When Lights Are Low - Susan Maughan - Swingin Susan (Vinyl, LP, Album), Empty - Bulllet - The Lost Vocal Tapes (CD, Album), Ich Wär So Gerne Ein O.B. (Mini-O.B.) - Dr. Sohmer - Ich Wär So Gerne Ein O.B. (CD), Sidi Brahim, Sing A Simple Song, Baby, Fifty On Our Foreheads - White Lies (2) - To Lose My Life... (CD, Album), Ode To Don Jose - Art Of Noise* - The Ambient Collection (Cassette)


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  2. ご無沙汰沙汰のあべです。アルバム..⁽⁽٩(๑˃̶͈̀ ᗨ ˂̶͈́)۶⁾⁾ 出来ました!ジャケットイラストはいつもお世話に.
  3. CDs: Short Story – 40mP Desperate – AVTechNO! INCOHERENT – AVTechNO! LESS – AVTechNO! FOLK – koyori GOOD COLORING – koyori Nayutan Sei Kara no Buttai Y – Nayut alieN Comic and Cosmic – PinocchioP Hakubutsushi 〜 Dr. Latency’s Freak Report – ZUN WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! VOL – WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY (JesusPxMinusP).
  4. C95新譜CD 『』です。 詳細→ gradsurenesripafibasrerasinte.coinfo 冬コミC95 2日目東ネ30ab(WAVEと合同) AVTechNO! Desperate Crossfade Mix - Duration: 3 minutes, 20 seconds. AVTechNO. 4.
  5. Hiroyuki ODA pres. HSP – Desperate HSP feat. Hatsune Miku – gift nor art Kazumiya January 25, at am Thanks for the album i’ve looking for this album 😀 Reply. PJavera VOCALOID2 MAXI Single Vol. 1 ~みっくみくCDにしてやんよ~.
  6. Game Music Central - Best of the Best, Volume I []. Compact Disc () Composed by: Tommy Tallarico, Inon Zur, Jack Wall, Doug DeAngelis, Kevin Dompe, Tom Salta, Akira Yamaoka, Koji Kondo, Jesper Kyd, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Billy Martin, Gerard Marino, Michael Giacchino, Lee Jackson, Kenji Yamamoto, Jason Hayes, Colin O'Malley, Daniel Sadowski.
  7. Main article - a purpose of making the lists and lists of songs in languages other than Japanese.; This is list for Japanese only songs on Wikia that hadn't got reliable English translation yet (last update: ). Down to comment section - click here.
  8. Desperate. サークル名 : AVTechNO! 音楽CD - テクノ/ CD-ROM 8p 初出イベント: /04/24 M春.

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